Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Salutation #93

We have a need to look out into the horizons.
Upon the high mountain peaks of our ascent into completion.
We have to become familiar with our own undertaking of Country.
That we may hope to avoid future catastrophe.

We have to find the peace of our belongings together.
And ascend the mount with the sheltering wings of peace.
From hope to hope and strength to strength.
Until we have pierced the unconsciousness of our native skies.
From truth to truth and love to love.
Until darkness has waned.
And the night has fled our souls forever.

(Conqueror of Heights)

The peace process might seem
like an insurmountable mountain,
looming impossibly ahead...
but I tell you, my people -

This is but a small hill that
- once conquered -
shall only broaden our horizons -
for we are a nation, my people!

We were meant to conquer not just hills
but mountains - mountains true,
and much higher than these,
mountains towering and majestic!

My brothers and sisters of the Promise,
we were joined together from Eternity
- to prevail against heights -
not to tower above one another
- as War would have it -
but to know the greatness
of our togetherness.

O what shall our horizons be then!

In Unity Dwells God.