201205 Challenge #11 - Our Universal Identity

Our highest and noblest spirit,
my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
is also the simplest and most fundamental one...

- selah -

For the greatest is least of all.

without exceptions whatsoever,
each to the other,
alone or with others,
in every age and at every place (in time),
across all our kindred nations,
across all our common generations,
above all distinctions and beyond all differences,
from true self to true self
- body, soul, spirit -
from each our every beginning
to our One, ultimate and eternal end
human in our being;
we are all human beings!

And so 
this we must be.

And so 
this we must thereforebecome.

Peace, I salute thee -

In our last monthly challenge,
we reflected upon the Providential nature and reality
of the Continental Whole
as a basis for a common human identity -
our Continental Identity.

We have thus far
examined and discovered
these common human identities
in ourselves, in each ourselves, and with each ourselves
starting with the necessary awakening in each self
into the (1) essential (inviolable) wholes
that includes the true self (within and without),
that in the pairing of man and woman
with each other and in each other
(protected as well as proceeded by
the blessing of God in holy, matrimonial grace)
brings forth into our reality the simultaneous birthing
of the vital institution of the human family,
to the (2) communal (national) wholes
being structured within the natural array of our nations
(i.e. the local, municipal, provincial wholes)
to the regional and continental wholes
or the (3) supra-national or higher (nobler) wholes
that may only be built by each our own
returning again (and again) to the nature and reality
of each our own true selves.

- selah -

For all these identities must interact
with each other and in each our selves
in a way that must produce
the good and everlasting fruits for which
the LORD hath intended - for us -
the children of all Mankind
since the beginning of creation
in each and across all our nations
ever one and at-one with each its own peace
arrayed as its own native undertaking of Country.

And these are
fruits of good will and peace.

Peace which is
the glory of God upon the earth
   which is life in abundance
   and blessed with graces and gifts of all kinds
   seen and unseen, immaterial as well as material;
and good will
which is an indwelling and ardent love
of that one, same peace.

For we are all truly, truly
kindred in our hearts
and therefore, all these wholes
- in and with each other -
are truly, truly
kindred in their peace:


(And so -
may this oneness be represented
in and by our United Nations institution.)

DAILY EXERCISE: Citizen, who for and what for art thou?

Common Human Needs

We are creatures of a Creator
but as Jesus Christ has shown us,
more than that - much more than that -
we are children to the Father.