Our Monthly Challenges


Starting 201107, I shall begin to formally challenge you, O my nation, with these monthly exercises.

Each exercise shall focus on an essential nation-building character that we already possess as a nation...

- selah - ("selah" means to pause in the silence and ponder for a moment the things that are being said)

...but needs further strengthening in our awareness as a people.

I am designing these challenges so we can experience them together as we journey along the straight path toward national recovery and the eventual promise it will fulfill in us and for us in this new age.

- selah -

We shall also rely on everything we have been learning together thus far in the main portion of this blog for a sense of common guidance.

I am initially looking at a series of 12 challenges.

On the first week of 201107, I shall issue for us the first one (after which each succeeding challenge shall also be issued every first week of every month for 12 consecutive months).

In these monthly challenges, we shall endeavor to think things through and take notes together.

We shall seek to explore our problems in the school of Divine Providence.

- selah -

And work to adapt our internal perspectives that they may more efficiently reflect the vision of our national destiny and effect the positive change we all need to continue on this journey as a nation under God and therefore, as a Republic in His Majesty's Service - the LORD, my people, our God!