Welcome, JStars - mabuhay!

"O young stars rejoicing brightly 
- afire with the light of possibilities -
all you who streak across our heaven,
we bid thee peace - welcome -
stay within our sky!"

O my nation,
to the vision of the youth 
- God Himself -
has entrusted the wisdom of the ages,
shall we not listen to their voices?

Shall we not preserve them in their way?
When by doing so, we preserve ourselves.

Shall we not bid them peace?
When by doing so, we keep our own.

- JStars -
is the youth of the nation,
our Junior Stars.

PEACE be with you, Starshine -

Establish yourself in God
and know that you are loved by Him.
And place thyself therefore upon the ground
whereby we may rise together to the stars as one nation.

Express yourself as yourself,
the light of the Kingship of the LORD
dwelling within each thy soul
knowing in your heart of hearts the truth -
that we are a work of common human needs,
a universal labor of building up the earth;
a nation commissioned by God
for a Country commanded by Him to prosper
the life of our generations across our generations in time
in peace and good will as citizens to each other.

We are therefore, a people of gratitude,
one lineage of hope 7,107 islands strong,
a living, breathing communion of heaven with the earth -
our one Republic is always in need of your generous involvement.

We need a new generation of loyal leadership.
Our nation needs you, JStars - each of you!