Tuesday, September 7, 2010


There are many things which must concern us, O my nation, but please allow me to bring to the forefront of our awareness two very important things - the Philippine peace process and the Middle East peace process.

The Philippine peace process is scheduled to resume after the season of Ramadan and I believe the Middle East peace process have already been re-opened. We all have a stake at securing the peace and both of these peace processes have a vital import to our undertaking of Country.

The former is a requirement for the national success because no nation may exist divided against itself. And the latter because no nation may proceed to prosper and mature divided against other nations.

Shall we build together today the foundations of better, brighter, kinder things for ourselves and for our generations only to be destroyed by the ambition of war?


We will learn from the experience of all generations past and take into our common trust, their hopes for better days. And not waste ourselves on empty dreams.

There are problems these days that challenge us on a planetary level; problems that may only be confronted by our coming together as one family of nations. If we can not proceed from our own unity, O my nation, how are we to effectively confront the evils of our present time? How are we to secure for ourselves a future for our generations divided and alone? How will they remember us if we leave for them a desolation? We have a choice.

Where shall it begin?

It shall begin here, in our heart of hearts. So let us be present for the peace.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Tomorrow is Queen Mother Mary's birthday - Let us give her the gift of our being together with people we love and offer prayers for the peace of all nations.

Two things the angel will ask us at the East Gate of our hearts returning to an Eden rebuilt: What are we without the LORD? What are We without each other?

- The Two Questions