Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"Our humanity must become alert to the fact that the generations that are to come after us depend on us today."

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To my Brother and Sister Filipino Muslims -

I salute you.

We are at a crossroads in time.

We stand at a point in history where no one segment of our shared humanity can no longer ignore the existence of the other. Therefore, the defining choice is presented to each heart; unite in the ascent of peace or descend with the gravity of war.

You must ever be mindful of your promise, my fellow Filipino compatriot. I will not see you wasted on empty dreams.

For each of you, my brother and sister Filipino Muslims, are a human being. Each of you are a one whole truth - beautiful for being by Beauty beheld - and precious to my eyes as every other human being who lives to honor the truth not with war and division but with peace and its ascent to the unity of the wholes.

The peace of Jesus Christ abide in the good will of those persons who keep to its truth regardless of war's lie; it's property is as the light regardless of the darkness which is the ambition of war.

Does it matter therefore, that I am a Christian - where peace is concerned what matters is that we are all human beings.

Do we need to draw lines upon the soil of our earth to know that there are lines drawn upon the love in our hearts? Can any love divided against itself ever serve the one will of our one LORD, our one Beautiful, our one Love. Nay, my beloved friend and constant companion, one peerless love for one peerless LORD: Love for love, that is the way - one love alone, a one whole and undivided truth - that is our mountain path.

Therefore, your homeland, my honorable Filipino compatriots, is my homeland. Our Liberty shall have but one standard alone.

We shall be ever mindful of each other's native human dignity.

You are a Muslim, my beloved friend and constant companion, then be a good Muslim. And just the same with me and with every human being who has ever lived and shall ever more live upon our one planet, let us produce the fruits of a good and honorable religion. Fruits which are edible unto all humanity and good for all time. Fruits that serve to prosper all of Sacred Life in this, our one Creator's one seen creation. For the glory of God is the realization of all human hopes.

Let us go and walk in Beauty and let us be strong for each other.

Let us climb this mountain road, Beloved of God, let us walk this straight path and together let us add to the good of our world: Honor all the lineages of human hope - working to return each and every one of our nations of the one family of the nations of Mankind to the path of peace.

Let our one Republic be a reflection of these things. Let this undertaking of Country be our great labor of hope; let this work, imperfect and difficult though it may be, be a work of life - that God's will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

Godspeed to each and every one of us and may Almighty God bless us all from always to always.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

...from star to star, one whole sky.