201203 Challenge #9 - Our Regional Identity

My brother and sister Filipinos,
it's a mistake for us to think we could thrive
if our region does not thrive with us.

it is equally false for us to think
our region does not need us to prosper -
every nation in our ASEAN (including East Timor)
expects all the others to succeed in unity.

For what is the essence of our ASEAN if not unity?

And what is the spirit of this unity if not peace?

We have a regional identity.

And if we shall allow
the spirit of the nationhood in ourselves
to become aware of this regional identity,
we shall grow to become better acquainted with it
and shall become further enriched by it.

no nation is impoverished
by an awareness of the greater realities
that connect all nations to each other
into one ultimate belonging -
one family under God;
the one brotherhood of the nations
of the children of Mankind.

this is the way of our peace!

- selah -

we can not truly rise to an appreciation  
of our greater, regional belonging in Asia South East
unless there is unity in our our own soul -
this is just another reason why 
we must press the fight
- together this time -
to turn our nation away 
from this long night of division
that we may behold the new morning 
of our peace.

there is no way out of this longest night
than into the light of that new day.

let us set our hearts
toward the vision of daybreak for our Country.

Let us together dream
a dream of peace for our Philippines.
and let us allow it to take our Country into
places and vistas better, kinder, and brighter...

And let us know
this dream exists within the embrace
of a greater dreaming - our regional dreaming -
and this is the dream of our one ASEAN.
Let us be familiar with it!

I want us to look at the lines (on the map) 
that demarcate each our nation's 
- areas of responsibilities
for these lines do not divide our realities  
they give order and shape to it

These are friendship (or partnership) lines, my nation 
- a new term in our new lextionary of peace - 
they keep us distinct 
but they also keep us close together.

every nation in our ASEAN 
is quite distinct in spirit - this is true - 
but this does not mean we diverge in purpose; 
our differences don't weaken us, 
in fact, they make us strong!

And we only have one purpose: 
To build up the inhabited earth 
- as it pertains - 
to our particular region 
in Asia South East.

my brother and sister Filipinos, 
our civilization is not complete 
without our ASEAN. 

my brothers and sisters in the Promise, 
what is good for our ASEAN 
is good for our Philippines 
- and - 
what is good for our Philippines 
is good for our ASEAN.

- selah-

Let us work to become familiar with our regional identity.

DAILY EXERCISE: Citizen, can our nation truly be separated from the reality of our region?

Mabuhay, Burma!

One who is alive to the spirit of our region can not overlook the stunning progress being made in Burma. My fellow Filipinos, we must continue to pray and to hold well-wishes in our hearts for Myanmar.

Let us always remember now, what is good for Burma is good for ASEAN and what is good for ASEAN is good for our Philippines.

Forth, one ASEAN - into the new age!