Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Peace be upon Korea

A divided peace rules over Korea, one enforced by two States and preserved by force of arms.

Let us try to imagine this division, my brother and sister Filipinos. How it must hurt the soul of the Korean nation. 

For it is a division that runs deep into the soul of their nationhood...

This division is not so much a geographical division but a spiritual division, straddling the land of an ancient people; a ripping apart that must be quite painful to the soul of the one Korean nation.

Where once Korea was a single soul gathered together under one rule, there now arises from this one nation, a lineage of two States - with two totally different attitudes of rule.

If we, as a nation ourselves, should faithfully dwell in kinship with Korea, we should bear in mind that in the midst of their hopes, their struggles, and their successes - unification is and shall always remain a spiritual ambition of the Korean soul - North and South.

Politics deal with what is for now...

As we know however, there are truths more enduring than politics... that rests within nations.

Might there be a rapprochement between the two "Koreas" that shall not involve the further pain of more war and shed tears between the two who are actually one? I don't know. I hope so.

The important thing to consider at this time is the hurt. We know this hurt also. The pain of the tyranny of war. If Korea hurts, she pines... And if she pines, she must be a longing for nothing else but to be whole again. Pain is good in this light - illuminated by memory, borne by remembrance.

For while Korea hurts, she hopes.

It is my personal hope that Korea's hope bears her true and that her hurting leads not to more anger or frustration in her people, but to gentleness and a spirit of quiet perseverance...