Sunday, October 26, 2014

Man and Woman as a New Creation

In this day, precious Starshine, the women of this Country possess a high degree of freedom. And it gave our national thinking a kind of soul.

Prostitution they say, is the most ancient profession.

Truth is, prostitution is only as ancient as it endures in the life of our communities today.

It has been such a persistent truth over the ages that prostitution is a womanly profession that perhaps, a greater part of our humanity may have somehow come to believe it were an honorable and ancient trade - disgracing and abusing Woman and her children.

Let me say that it is not.

Woman too was a victim in the beginning.

She and Man suffered equally the consequences of our temporal banishment from the everlasting freedom of our our original innocence.

Prostitution, dear Starshine, is a failure to protect. It becomes a profession only as a result of this evil.

And by a failure to recognize and to craft effective laws that ensure the dignity of the person of Woman is to be preserved equally right alongside Man, we inadvertently sway in support of this lie, that somehow the sex trade in Women and children is in fact, "a trade".

Where this is the fault of Man, it brutalizes the image of Man because of who Woman is to Man, not despite of her.

Where this is the fault of our nations, we perpetuate the victimization of the inherent dignity of Woman (at our expense) and as a labor of Country the necessary success of our common ascent is held back by our lack of remembrance.

Man and Woman as a union is one.
Truly, both were meant "to be".

If Man is mind.
Then Woman is heart.

So that together
Man and Woman
may become
one soul.

They are qualities equal
but not the same.

If Man is pilot.
Then Woman is navigator.

Theirs is a journey that must proceed
from the freedom of their giving,
lest the family lose its power
to shelter and to raise you,
dear little ones.

Unity of family
proceed from Man and Woman
establishing both their faith and authority
over each other, lovingly and wisely,
that a proper dominion may be established
over the generations of Mankind.

This authority in Man and in Woman
to place upon the earth their common tent
in sight of the LORD is not an authority
to establish a permanent dominion
over one - or - the other.

For their union
of bearing and strength
is one complementary equality 
intended for the renewal of creation
being itself a unity - constantly new and ever new
upon the earth - to live, love, and to set each other free
and in doing so, in between their pains giving birth
to the transformation of the life of the earth.

Beauty is timeless.

Beauty is ageless.

Beauty is always in season...
And is forever known to be so.

What is most beautiful is fleeting, all that is worth remembering is what is most beautiful...

Do you remember?