Monday, October 13, 2014

Bigger. Not Loftier

Quote from the movie, "Transcendence",

"The Internet is supposed to make the world a smaller place."

I think so too. Only because the Internet is likewise supposed to make the mind a much bigger place.

Bigger. Not loftier.

Make no mistake. Technology can not be the cause of the ascent of the human spirit. Technology is not our savior. Technology is our servant.

In the near future, Mankind may have to decide what sets us apart from machine-kind. We might be at the threshold of developing AI's far more capable and adaptable than all our brains combined...

The brain is not the mind though. It is the seat of the mind. Our brain is distinct from the mind as a chair is to the person it was crafted for, as a seat to rule the temporal self upon.   

The material and the temporal in our experience are inseparable. Time and matter seem fused together in their finitude. What is finite to the eye of the body seem permanent.

But the human heart (by its own nature) knows of things that go beyond the limits of what is finite in time and space. Boundless energy in a form benign and compatible with the living soul.

Because our experience of this finitude is also a finitude. 

What seem permanent in this world therefore, to the eye of the spirit is impermanent.

Machine intelligence may not have this ability to dwell on the spirituality at the root of all things human.

Just take a quick look at the story of Darth Vader.