Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

Truly, it would have been great if Pacquiao won. It was a bit sad it turned out the way it did. More sad than the fact that the Pacman lost is the controversy that clouds the fight.

I'm only relying on second hand information at the moment as I have missed most of the fight last Sunday and I am no expert in the sport of boxing but many pundits say the match fell short of expectation. 

I myself know that that expectation is huge. I can imagine the pressure both Manny and Floyd must have felt. They both must've known they had to deliver a good fight that night. Maybe even exceptional one. 

Betting as well as paying fans were put off by the fact that Manny admitted to having a bum shoulder... Like I said, the expectation about that night was huge. I have no idea how the politics of boxing works but I know from being a Filipino how much this Country expects of our People's Champ - a lot. The burden of living up to his national fan base must have weighed heavily on Pacquaio's decision making... 

I did not bet money on either of them but I wanted very much for Pacquiao to win. Manny wasn't able to deliver this time but he's still a champion in my eyes. Manny Pacquiao will always be a champion.

Floyd won. The Money Team proved its worth. They say Mayweather mostly ran around the ring and that Manny was the more aggressive fighter. Some say the match in Las Vegas last Saturday night killed the sport of boxing... Questions that need answers. That's all it is... 

My guess is all these hint at a rematch.

It was hard to underestimate Mayweather from the beginning. There is no doubting what his undefeated record indicates - Floyd is a great athlete. I respect him for that now. That he held back on trash talking Manny Pacquiao is something I also respect and appreciate. 

There is no substitute to winning in sports. Congratulations to Mayweather for his win! 

Also true is this: Good sportsmen and sportswomen who never quit know that losing is just learning and learning are steps toward winning. This is truth I can respect: You play to win.

These fights come few and far between, if there ever is a rematch - and I think there will be, I'd still root for Team Pacquiao. But I will have more love for Floyd Mayweather also. I hate that I missed most of the fight last Sunday... but I can tell you this, I will not miss out on the rematch.

God bless the Philippines and God bless America.