Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The President I Want for 2016

I want to vote for a President who is principled more than partisan. 

I think partisanship is the root cause of a lot of this administration's shortfalls. That this present administration could have been way better were it not for its aggressive dedication to partisanship in the blind. 

I want the next President to be principled and his or her party platform built on firm and coherent party principles. Ones I can easily understand and identify with.

I want to vote for a President who has a vision; who is able to speak of his or her vision simply and transmit it readily - through action - to the heart of the nation.

I want a President who can see far, knows where we as a Country ought to be and make me believe we are headed in the right direction. I want to be able to freely share in his or her inspiration.

I do not want a President whose only vision is winning the Presidency.

I want a President who is a dedicated teacher of the human art; a believable human citizen, an advocate of peace, student of happiness, and proponent of human progress and the advancement of the national wealth; a compassionate soul - full of love for Providence, People, and Planet. 

I do not care for experience and I don't think our Constitution does either since it only prescribes a single 6 year term. No one comes to the Philippine Presidency with any experience. Only heart.

So I want a President with heart; who leads with his or her mind but thinks with his or her heart. One that is a speaker for the lives and good of all our citizens - a lover, seeker and reconciler of truths. 

The elections next year, 2016, shall be - to my thinking, a pivotal elections... There is a palpable sense that shall grow - of how important 2016 is. We should be ready for it more than be fearful about it.