Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good, Better, Best

This is my thinking: 

There are good administrations, and there are better ones. 

Every administration we, the people, duly elect into office in an election is honest and sincere is a good administration. 

Depending on political as well as personal skill and acumen, each these administration as a whole may choose to capitalize on the mandate that we, the people, invest in them and make their legacies more than good. 

There are good administrations therefore, and there are better ones. 

The best ones however, we realize only in retrospect. For the best gift the nation with memories much like fine wine; theirs are legacies that tastes better with time.

We have had 15 administrations including this one, some would say we still have much to experience. Let us not think of our lack of experience though as an excuse to fail in our civic duty to vote responsibly.

For without responsible voting, we will be stuck with administrations ranging only from bad to worse.

Think about it.