Monday, May 18, 2015

Peace be upon Nepal

The earthquake in Nepal was a major event. It claimed the lives of so many Nepalese, leveled much of their homes, and reclaimed much of their standing cultural structures.

We in the Philippines have had our last major quake in the early 90's. I remember it well. I was at my grandmother's home during that time. It was around mid-day. I remember when the tremors came. It was a fear that intensified as the quaking intensified to a point where standing up became difficult... I also remember the decision point in the midst of the shaking: To lead myself and our kasambahays out of the house and into the backyard. We were fortunate the house withstood the event.

Though this major disaster in my nation's history claimed the lives of many of my Countrymen and Countrywomen also, for the intents and purpose of this message, I would not compare this quake to the one in Nepal

What is comparable, in my thinking, as regards my own Country's history is Typhoon Yolanda.

Both events exposed glaring inefficiencies in our governments. 

Both are turning points in the national memory. These turning points presents our remembrance with answers - not questions. They bring forth into our national consciousness truths that need to be acted upon; truths shall remain to bother us until they are acted upon.

When we think about them, we think we know them - because as nations we do.

These events, the mega-earthquake in Nepal and the super-typhoon in my Country are physical evils. By themselves these events have neither will nor capacity conquer the human spirit. How we respond to them is more important.

So may both Nepal and my Philippines commit ourselves to remember to rebuild well.