Saturday, January 21, 2012

Salutation #92

What seeks to banish the evils in human society,
what seeks to redress the legitimate grievances of the community,
what seeks to safeguard the individual good and the common good,
what seeks to fulfill the requirements of the creative ideal expressed by the hopes of every nation and mandated by the ideals vested in each its Responsible States,
all of these are acts of Spiritual Justice.

It is what imparts force of truth to the individual will to preserve through human institutions, the peace and the order of civil society.

(3rd Cause - Justice)

(Defeating the Culture of Impunity)

Ignorance is poisonous but indifference is lethal.

This culture of impunity
is like a dragon-shaped shadow
hovering over our captive nation;
it seems huge when taken all together
and terrifying when seen from a distance,
looming like a serpent constantly waiting to strike
but from up close, if we choose to examine it,
it is still made of nothing
and everywhere it is vulnerable.

Like a tyranny without a tyrant,
it grips our society in a parasitic embrace
keeping the people from becoming
and the nation from the truth of itself.

To pierce through its illusion,
our present leadership must remain alert
to the shine (heart) and to the leading (reality)
of the great Providence of the LORD -
serving as servants and leading as leaders
enabling our nation to shine as one whole sky
empowering our people to become as they are
- citizens not unlike each other -
shining for God and mother Country
with sunbeams sharp against the darkness
dispelling the dragon's false embrace.

- selah -

let us confront all of these
individual injustices together
(particularly at this present time,
that of the murdered journalist and
fellow Filipino, Christopher "Cris" Guarin)
- in our hearts, in our lives, in our times -
through varied gifts and stations in life
bound together wholly as one nation
under the eternal vigilance of God
arrayed in time and across time
as one Republic undertaking of Country
and like a multitude of sharp spears -
speak the truth
and stand for the right!

For it shall take all of us to defeat this evil dragon
and overthrow its lineage of weakness and defeat;
prevailing as one work, one heart, one destiny.

my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
- all that is shadow must always yield to the light -
for it is still made of nothing
and everywhere it is vulnerable.

Land of Promise,
Cradle of the Brave,
from the tyranny of oppression
thou shalt never yield.