Thursday, January 26, 2012

Walker of Worlds

O Walker of Worlds,
Scion to the Dawning
of the First of our First Magnitudes -
remain Now from always to always true
to thy one Universe of universes,
ever as thy one eternal Remembrance
spread in myriad glimpses
awash within the tidal flows of time:

Those numberless lights,
luminous and varied, singularly unique,
twinkling in their broken arcs
wheeling upon the one celestial Way
and concealed amidst the darkness
of those worlds within worlds,
near infinite in their wonders,
being constantly born and reborn -
upon the firmament of the Deep
ever as the ages of the comings and goings
of the ageless seasons of life
and carried aloft by thy quickening soul
swift unto the realization
of all the beautiful for being
beheld by Beauty Itself.

O Walker of Worlds -
born to the quickening of the Now,
ever in thy infinite prayers be one, ascendant
like incense arising unto the sacred Presence
of the one Sovereign of the seen universe
and Sustainer of all unseen universes
in solemn memory of thy holy witness
of the Visitation of thy one Peace
through the infinite glory of the Name.

O Walker of Worlds -
kindred to the celestial sky
and called to the one gathering
remain Now from always to always true:
Two-thirds of the Stars of Heaven bring
glad salutations unto thee!