Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Salutation #84

Peace is the medium for our togetherness
- the freedom to be one heart and one mind -
'tis the spirit that binds each our souls together;
the completeness that makes our generations belong;
the unity which is the foundation of our prosperity.

(Building Together)

Let's go Philippines
- let's build, build, build -
build those timeless connections,
build those lasting institutions,
build good, nay - great government,
build better infrastructure,
build better roads and better bridges,
build better railways and better airways,
build great monuments to life and the art of life,
build wholly responsible businesses,
build wholesome relationships,
build stronger families,
build all those legacies to last...

And may the Peace of the LORD be with us all.

- selah -

Bear into thy mind and heart - always -

We are not building a Republic to last a year or ten years.

We are building a shelter of Country for all our generations
unto the last of our generations.

This is the truth.