201204 Challenge #10 - Our Continental Identity

No unity without diversity.
No peace without adversity.
No perfection without God.

In our last monthly challenge,
we reflected upon our Regional Identity.

- selah -

Every ascent above the national whole
requires a comensurate amount of effort and concentration.

You might have already noticed this by now.

The higher one seeks to arrive -
the better one hopes to completely embrace
the wholes of human community -
the greater one's striving must ever be
to enlarge one's love (of our common humanity)
to be able to accommodate the vital spirit of the ascent.

National wholes
   (which are an ordered and mandated minimum
   required by God, served by both heaven and earth,
   including the lower wholes i.e. Provinces, Cities, Towns)
are necessarily governed by a Responsible State
but the higher (nobler) wholes of human community -
the Regional, the Continetal,
and the Universal wholes of human identity
are governed more and more by light of virtue
than by the blinders of human law -

- for the more one seeks to ascend to the Truth,
the lesser one's spirit becomes necessarily bound
by the rigors and requirements of the law of nations -

- for the more one chooses to truly ascend the Mountain of God
the more one needs to aptly perceive the quickening light
that flow freely from the Eternal Law of the LORD...

...to become awakened to the immaterial realities
of spiritual ultimates and Eternal absolutes
without guile, without division,
and without losing one's own true humanity.

This is important to understand.

For while it is always possible
- and even at times necessary -
to regulate the higher wholes with human law
the higher wholes themselves are purposed and aligned
by the Divine Wisdom and Providence of God
to transcend the law of the nations
and perfect in ourselves
the Eternal Law of the LORD
   (the highest form of which is 
   the Law of Kindness and Compassion for All Beings 
   and the Law of Forgiveness and Non-retaliation 
   encompassed in each their entirety 
   by the Law of the Gospel or the Law of Christ-Love or the one Law)
written in the hearts of all living beings.

International law with all its merits
shall never truly take the place of the virtues
God have from Eternity intended to forge and temper
in the individual person of our every self
by the human soul's necessary and vital ascent
into the completion of God and Country.

Supra-national laws are plainly spiritual* in principle.

*This spirit either waxes or wanes 
being ruled by either its brightness or dimness
according to its ascent or descent from the Truth.

They work in their agreements not to each other
but primarily according to the faithfulness (or proximity)
of each their own alignment to the one, ascendant Truth.

What is the truth?

The truth is 
what is made plain and manifest and present 
to the sight of thy heart. 

And as far as the eye of the heart can see, that is the truth.

It is these that guarantee the greater peace -

Our Asia is no exception.

DAILY EXERCISE: Citizen, can the peace of our Region (Asia South East) guarantee itself by itself apart from the vision and the reality of our Asia?

NOTE: At the present moment, at the time of this writing, there exists no Continental Council for Asia. (This is like living in a City without a functioning City government.)

Now, my brothers and sisters of the Promise, 
if we are to achieve this, we have to set our hearts toward its realization 
and work within our Regions - as kindred nations - 
to secure a greater, nobler vision of peace for our Asia.

Excerpts from Asia Caelestis -

Our beloved native continent is fallen
with all the autumnal lands of the earth...

...far beyond our faded Eden
under these unconscious Eastern skies;
skies that are nearest the morrow,
skies that embrace our hearts,
hearts that are nearest the dawn -

the dawn being an awakening
- to the Light -
here in the East,
here in Mother Asia -

a place nearest the morning
that is to come from on high,
reborn from the unforgotten promise
of the everlasting Peace
and a better world for all Mankind.

Asia Caelestis,
An Asia of peace and love
risen from the old world
of war and discord -

A harmony of differences
united like a hymn
of our common love of God
as a new culture of life
is realized from lives past
by lives lived in faith of tomorrow -

An imperfect place
in an imperfect world
of imperfect lives
lived with less tears
laboring with much hope
casting our deepest longings
far away from the War
that has hurt us so much
and is still so determined
to do us terrible ill.