Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wars of Religion

Wars of religion are never entered into. If memory serves and history is accounted for - there are wars that go beyond the pale of the conventional spectrum of conflict: unlimited, unrestricted wars.

Conversely, to think of peace is to think about people in human terms.

Religion ought to enable us to more closely reflect in our common humanity what makes the human family better belong. What commits to war and what commits to peace.

Christianity is not lacking in violent history.

Historically, where conflicts between Christians were the most terrible, it was always very much politically concerned. In those days, religious war was less an existential contradiction than a political pretext. So much was prevented by those conflicts... 

Indeed, through whatever door it gains entry into the times - war seeks no other greater inspiration than violence. Once the killing starts, war becomes its own appearance upon our world.

These days, I hold to the view that keeps with the memory of those days: religion must never again be used as a weapon against other people.

Wars of religion fought by any which religion burns with the same relentless hate that burned our world in times past - and makes no promises it shall ever change.

In my remembrance, Christianity is not compatible with war and never was.

To me, all war is - is political. Religion can be political at times. But religion is also deeply human. War is not human and never was human. No terrorist claim will convince me otherwise.

The division in Islam and the divisions in Christianity arose from issues apart and distinct - but seems afflicted with the same vulnerability. This vulnerability - to the spirit of war - appears the same, and it exploits it the same also.

I do not know how these divisions will ultimately find their way again back into unity. I do know that unity is eternal. And were these divisions to remain in the domain of war, no nation will be able to contain its appearances as wars upon the earth. For in this day and age, war is not what it once was. 

Nations are in spirit made simpler. For we on earth must live out a more complex reality.

All nations answer to the one, same human accounting - and, as its own labors of Country, allows the space for its peoples - oppressed by war - to build up the earth and to better their times. That war may flee where none pursueth.

The maturity of the peace of nations must be helped by religion. 

For matters of religion must necessarily involve greater realities.