Monday, January 9, 2012

Salutation #86

Of the Responsible State,
it must be said - there is no state more superior,
regardless of it's present governing framework,
than one that brings peace to the people.

A state must be judged by the people and the people by their peace.
A peaceful nation is a happy people ruled by a just state.

This state (the civilian leadership and its necessary administration),
regardless of its governing framework philosophy (in its present evolution),
is a just state - it is a Responsible State!

As all that is truth
cleave unto each other in the ascent,
so does freedom become ennobled
by the ennobling presence of freedom.


Peace, I salute you.

What's really on trial next week?

I want you see behind the externals
and look above the personalities involved,
and to perceive this impeachment in terms national
which extends across the life of our generations -

What's on trial next week
is an old and oppressive system
of selfish elitism and mindless factionalism -
a system which is disloyal to the life of our Republic;
a system we, the people, have allowed to endure
and have now the rare opportunity
to directly check and peaceably correct.

You feel the subtle effects of this system
('tis a rule of War, a mindless paradigm of division)
for it is like a tyranny without a tyrant
and its unfamiliar spirit is here in our midst
because we have allowed it to creep deep into our culture -
right into the very nook and cranny of every Filipino home
the sacredness of which our Constitution
- explicitly protects as inviolate -
because it is from each of our homes
where both our fortunes as well as our futures
as one Republic whole are broken or made.
(And War would have us all undone, my nation -
from weak to strong, and from lie to lie.)

Each home in our Republic is a bastion of Country,
for no matter how it is built - how magnificent or how humble -
each of our homes is dignified and defended by the laws
that we owe to each other equally - to recognize and uphold -
laws kept so that kings and presidents may not enter
any one of our homes - from least to great -
(but especially the least from among all)
without each our express permission -
let alone the spirit of War!

- selah -

My beloved people,
in exactly one week from now,
we shall arrive at a crossroads...
(only one of the many along our straight path)
where we shall each perceive
two paths leading out into the distance.

We shall each invest in a choice - as a nation -
a choice we must make more through our faith
- in the workings of God and of Country -
than through individual knowledge of any kind.

So that if we are still not established upon the truth
of who we are as a people and why we are as a nation,
when the time comes and everything speeds up once again
and the currents become for us turbulent -
we might get swept away - again -
into a place in time
we don't ever want to be.

We have no other home away from Home
- here upon this world of earth and fire -
than our one Republic of the Philippines;
we are but one vessel, one boat, one ship.

My brothers and sisters of the Promise,
we can no longer afford to be complacent.

There is no pulling ourselves back up river
for once it runs down water,
it must eventually reach the sea.

Think about it -

Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light (spirit).

And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness (judgment).

God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day (authority).

- Genesis 1: 3-5

Power is what calms the sea, it is what divides the waters, it is what distinguishes the light from the darkness.

Among the nations, power is the presence of authority.

Likewise, lack of authority is the absence of power.

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