Friday, March 4, 2011


A Remembrance of Fatima

EVERY NATION as a whole
in time and in dimensional space
is vulnerable to one sin
and one sin alone:
The sin of wars' evil ambition.
The one sin that divides
the one Noahide covenant
that established the one family
of the nations of Mankind.

For each nation is an altar of life
who lives to unite the hopes of her people
that her peace and her people's peace is one
a one nation in the one LORD,
a one whole upon the one greater wholes
within the one governance
of Divine Providence.

O my beloved children, turn away (from war)
and build upon the peace of Country.
Spread thy sheltering wings, my nations
of the one family of the nations of Mankind!
See all thy living communities safely across
the vast desolation of War's great abomination.(All to my All, 20080914)


O MANKIND, my nations,
today is not the same as it was
the world is beginning to speed up once again.

Who is thy enemy, O ye nations?

Do not look to Russia, she is as each of you
an integral part of the one Noahide covenant
that established upon the threshold of faded Eden
the one family of the nations of Mankind.
Does not her people hope as we hope?

Who is thy enemy, O ye nations?

Do not look to the honorable ummah of Islam,
for she is as much a holy vessel
in the service of Sacred Life
as the honorable religions of our world -
an imperfect child among imperfect children
and born of the one Abrahamic promise
much misunderstood, yet willing to give much.

Who is thy enemy, O ye nations?

Look into yourselves, O Mankind, repent!
None have been found but many are being sought.

Look into yourselves, O ye nations, repent!
Establish thy ground upon the holy ground of life
and believe again in the sacred hope of thy founding.

For War itself shall test thy limits
but only those nations of good will
who are destined by our LORD to prevail
will be converted to the one peace.

The rest will not withstand War.

For those that continue to sow in war
shall begin to reap the fruits of war.

But those who are of good will shall sow in peace
and those who shall sow in peace shall labor in the land
and those who labor in the land shall reap prosperity
adding to the life of her people, giving length to their days;
a hope that endures unto many generations.
(All to my All, 20080914)

A Prayer to Mary, Queen of Peace

O Immaculata!
My Mother and Queen of my Heart,
I love thee but do not deserve thee.
For it is the boundless mercy of God,
O Blessed Virgin Mary,
that made thee my Mother
and I thy unworthy son.

O Refuge of Sinners,
without whom I would perish,
I am thankful to God for thee!
O dearest Lady,
may my love and appreciation for thee grow,
by special grace of God,
with each day I walk this life with thee
in the path that our Savior has chosen for me.

O great Mother of God!
I humbly beseech thee,
give me strength against thy enemies
and allow me to praise and honor thee.
O glorious Leader!
Help of Christians, lead us to victory -
toward a new age of peace and renewal for our world
through the Eucharistic reign of Christ
in the hearts of all Christians
in the Name of the Father
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.


A Message to the European Community

FORGET NOT the cradle that gave rise to your present hope of civilization.

For hope is a lineage, it's strength lies in the anchor of it's promise and a promise never made by human hearts. And thy anchor, dear Europe is Christianity.

To forget this lineage is to become mired in a seasonless existence, one that is completely detached to the sage counsels of the past and utterly oblivious to the near infinite promise that the momentum of the present is able to unleash at the approach of tomorrow.

Do not lose yourself in shadow, a denial of both the light as well as the darkness, a denial that shall ultimately deny thy peoples their sense of common destiny.

O dear Europe, if you earnestly desire to show universal religious respect, then begin by showing a fearless respect of your own, because it is only by doing so, that you shall learn that happy sense of reciprocity that shall lead you to a sincere respect of other honorable religious traditions without syncretism or hypocrisy.

As a tree without it's roots shall never bear fruit, a nation without a soul shall never discover it's dream and those nations who do not dream will never awaken to the labor of it's own hope.

A continent is as an orchard of these trees and tasked with the care that ensures that every tree bears abundant fruit and as an orchard can not be denied it's soil, a continent can not be denied it's roots. And thy roots, dear Europe, is Christianity.

Realize this, O dear Europe, without being colored by the distorting paradigm of War as a whole. And then be at peace with yourself, your past, your present and your tomorrows.


(One Whole Sky)

Look at our time today
and the world we move in
everything about it
is born of the will of war.

There is much despair
there is much suffering
as all our kindred peoples
labor through oceans of tears
our common human hopes
- forsaken -
in the darkness of our time.

Let us then take ownership
of the status quo

and instead of feeding
into war's evil ambition
the near limitless
potential of our own souls
let us apply ourselves
under the eternal vigilance
of our one Almighty God
to the labor of each our Country
by our absolute turning away
from the descendant gravity
of war's evil ambition
into the ascendant direction
of the one whole peace
and build upon our civilization
the sheltering wings of God's peace
to serve and defend
the life of our common humanity
wheeling as numberless as the stars
shining across the midnight emptiness
of the season of the sky
toward the twilight breaking
of the new millennial age
and a better, kinder, safer, brighter world
for all men, women and children
of every nation
of the one covenant family
of the nations of Mankind.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! God bless us all.