Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Season for Faith and a Time for Reason

All things happen for a reason. And verily, Man is made to understand them. But all things under sun come each in their due season. So that Man is made to trust in his faith as well as to his reason.

Faith is a season to trust. Reason is a time to understand. And they come in cycles, great and small. T'is the First Sufficiency, and true for all. T'was with the Peace that never did fail nor fall.

The Lord Jesus many at time left trails in His Incarnation. Proclaimed in the Good News - He often left things He did to faith, and then gave faith in each person their own due season, so that each Man through his reason may in time hear - and understand His Word - and see the Truth they came to see.

That nothing in this world was built on random purpose, and that this is true! And so to those who feel their freedoms constricted because "everything" happens for a reason, the Lord Jesus says, "come and see", thy faith will you set free.

Faith and reason is like two freedoms reaching out to each other. Where they meet they kiss, and when they embrace the embrace of peace - as heaven and earth must always do, in the soul, and in time too - Truth is, for God is with us and Man hears, and faith remembers, and reason too, understands - all is well, all is well...

Therefore, Starshine, you must lead with your mind, but always think with your heart.

To understand the Trinity is to know more and more that God is one - and to proclaim Amen to the Truth: Amen to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - the LORD indeed is one God alone!

And in Peace to proceed in God - with the Goodwill of God - for all Mankind.

Mabuhay! May you always be in love, Beloved of the Love.