Monday, June 27, 2011

Salutation #24

Cor ad Cor Loquitur

Have you observed now, dear starshine, how some of our written human languages are read from left to right, some from right to left, and there are yet even some that are read from top to bottom?

Of all of these, Beloved of God, the most useful ones to you are those that can be understood by all human hearts - those that are written in the language of the truth.

Heart speaketh unto heart, starshine,
so let the language of the truth
- in all its forms -
being the tongue of Peace and of all of heaven,
let this be thy official tongue -

(A Salutation to the Youth of all Nations - On Peace, Human Citizenship and the Longest Night)

PEACE be upon you,
Our beloved Starshine -
kindred youth from all nations.

You of the generations of life -
all you children of the light,
kindred spirits, one to another,
called to that Promise of old
made by He Who Is to our Father Abraham -
all you numberless stars of the skies above thy souls
allied to the peace of all the children of good will
drawn from the sacred remembrances
of all the nations of the earth
through whom the LORD God has deigned
to bless all our national communities
in this present time, under this season of Peace,
citizens of all creation,
I salute you.

Let the awakening of these present times
be a certain comfort to you, Beloved of God,
and be glad for the coming of the new Day, alleluia.

For this long night
is a necessary passage
- as you shall see -
gather thy selves therefore, in this twilight,
and turn thy hearts away
from the waning of the dark
that you may come to discern
what lies ahead.

Before us, beloved starshine, are new horizons -
and you are the strength
with which it becomes possible
to reach out toward all these brighter tomorrows.

Speak thy truth, therefore -
ask of thy LORD and God, "what do I love, O God of All?",
that you may understand
with an understanding that leads to Peace
and the Peace which shall be your common right
- one with another -
established in thy faith in God and thy humanity.

Before us, beloved starshine, are new horizons -
speak thy truth, therefore -
ask of thy self, "what do I love, O heart?",
that you may lay claim
to that Morning which is thy own
- together this time -
a future that is fully human, Beloved of God;
a work of heaven and the earth.

Love the LORD, therefore -
our most precious starshine,
not with a love of division in thy heart
for your prayers shall never ascend to the unity of God
if War is in thy heart.

The strength of all our human communities
spread across the sheltering wings of all our nations
is the product of your own personal commitment
to the labor of completing your humanity.

Everything is given to establish you upon the grounds of this truth -
that you are a human being, a creature before your one Creator,
you are a work of Peace - a living work -
established in the life of thy nations
and entrusted to the wisdom
of all thy lineages of honorable religion,
above all to the three great Abrahamic faiths
(Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
to whom it is especially entrusted by God,
the labor of the Peace of these present times,
and so it is through thy own humanity, starshine,
that you multiply
- through thy constant faith and humility -
the excellence of your citizenship, one with another,
before the LORD and the assembly of the nations in Eternity.

Remember this always
and love the other as yourself.

Be patient, starshine,
and do this without being bitter -
believe constantly in all good things
without despairing of self or of others like thy self
for the darkness is but the darkness
that does not lead to the light.

Give praise and thanks to the LORD,
for God alone provides
and His grace alone is sufficient.

Say to thy heart,
"everything is changing around me, alleluia."

And after the long night,
Beloved of God,
the Day is sure to come -
for thee.

Mabuhay ang puso ng ating mga kabataan! God bless the youth of all our nations.

Virtue of Truthfulness

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