Friday, June 10, 2011


Remembrance as Virtue

Remember Now,
my brothers and sisters of the Promise -
Our remembrance is a virtue.
It is born from the cardinal virtue of Justice.

One who is guided by remembrance
can not be by evil inspired.
For no virtue may be used for evil purposes.

Remembrance does not serve
to throw the present into the confusion of the past.
It serves to add to the momentum of the present
the present hopes of every generation past.

If the present seem dim, O my nation,
it is because the future seem distant.
And the future seem distant
because the glories of the past is somewhere forgot.

Remember the good things and build upon it.
Remember the evil things
and let this lead you to a remembrance of the good things.
Never build upon evil inspiration.

It is not remembrance to hold on to a hatred of past misdeeds
and remain in thrall of the gravity of War.

For what redeems is virtue sufficient for every generation.
By virtue the long night is overcome.

Salutation #12

War is a form of national insanity. It seems right only in its own context and in its own time. But for all nations without exception it is an historic fact that it is always painful to have to eventually wake up to its aftermath. And ultimately, all nations that must succeed must wake up.

War serves no nation...

(Time, Times, and Half-a-Time - Refer to Daniel 12)

PEACE, I salute you.

Winter is coming, O ye nations.

Time is the first 1000 years!
Times is the second 1000 years!

From the year 0 to the year 2000,
all the nations of our Mankind
have beheld the face of the Dragon (of War, or the Beast of War).

(Notwithstanding that, if remembrance serves us well,
it goes further than that - to the time of Abel.)

Within the last 2000 years every nation upon this earth
have been sorely afflicted - within as well as without -
without exception
by the devouring spirit of War
and we have all paid for it
with the lives and promises of our citizens;
our original lines of rulers decimated.

All our nations have become common witnesses
to the ravages of conflicts wrought by War in the heart;
conflicts that have evolved into wars
capable of engulfing the whole of our world,
conflicts that have produced unspeakable abominations,
conflicts that have spawned offspring after offspring,
and genocide after genocide.

Indeed, War lusts after all our nations equally
and respects no distinctions, weak or strong, least to greatest,
rich or poor, of whatever time, creed, or nation -
everything is devoured by the gravity of its relentless ambition
to bring complete and utter annihilation
to the sheltering peace of our brotherhood
and lay to waste all the generations of the children of Mankind.

Half-a-time is a choice - it is a quickening in the soul!

It is a call to respond to the gathering sense of the new age of peace.
And this choice is an individual thing to make.

It is a choice to exorcise the past
and become reconciled to the peace of the present times.
And though, it is not an easy thing to make
it is a necessary stand to take - to complete our remembrances.

For the consequences of not making this choice is insufferable
and we will not survive the onset of this last wintering
if we do not stand together
dreaming as nations this time.

You must therefore consider the whole of the last great age of War
as one entire argument - a time, times and half-a-time quickening.
And look no more for answers wrought in the mold of past things.

The difference between 1335 days and 1290 days is 45 -
2045 being the maximum limit of the labor of the times.
It commissions in particular, these two generations, X and Y,
to lay for the generations of life the foundations of a better age.

The sum of 4 and 5 together makes 9 -
2009 being the minimum limit of the labor of the times.
Because this choice, my beloved,
was a work of thy heart begun by the LORD in 2009.

Now, the world forgot the lesson of 2000
that the LORD, thy God, O beloved of my heart,
delivers from evil.

It shall not forget the lesson of 2012
for the LORD, thy God, O beloved of my heart,
delivers from evil.

2009 to 2012 then is a work of thy heart -
a time set aside for you to respond to the calling of the times
and make the choice to complete your remembrances
beginning from at a time, times and half-a-time
and from star to star, one whole sky.

2012 to 2045 is a work of thy hands -
for the work of thy heart must precede the work of thy nations.
This is our time to build a better world built on saner foundations.
This is our season to prepare each our shelters of Country
for the final winter to visit this earth.

Be thankful and respond to the calling in thy heart therefore,
incline thyself to the labor commanded by the LORD of this present time
and make the awakening choice at a time, times and half-a-time -
be present for the peace of this new age.

Exorcise thee in thyself the persistent shadows of past things
and stand thee together to create a new history in the here and now
for you must never again look past 2009 for answers to present troubles,
answers you must now as nations dreaming together
possess in the here and now of this present age of peace.

The spirit of War is ancient
but the spirit of Peace is equally ancient
and possessed of a promised victory
you yourself is capable of validating in your heart of hearts.

Let this peace therefore
rule each of thee in thy heart, O ye nations,
and enter thee, a brotherhood,
into the promise of this new age.

Winter is coming.

My honorable compatriots, it all might seem so simplistic, I have thought.

But so too are the words, "stop fighting for the sake of fighting alone" or "stop dying for the wrong causes and start living for the right ones", simplistic as well.

Truth is, the message is simple - our world is at a crossroads in time the truth is evident: Our entire planetary community is threatened by the spirit of War.

Here now is a choice for Peace.

Let us choose it today while it is still today.

Tungkol sa Spratly

Mga mahal kong kapwa Pilipino, huwag po tayong magpapadala sa labis na takot. Tunay ngang maraming nangyayari sa ating mundo sa mga araw na ito. Pero wala ni kahit isa sa mga ito ang pinapayagang mangyari ng Diyos ng walang pahintulot.

Siya po ay ang PANGINOON, ang Diyos nating lahat.

Lahat po ng bagay sa ating mundo na binibigyang pahintulot ng Diyos ay ayon lagi sa kagustuhan Niyang tuparin ng lubos ang Kanyang mga pangakong binitiwan Niya para sa lahat ng ating mga henerasyon patungo sa ikabubuti ng ating pagkatao at ikagagaling ng ating sangkatauhan.

Huwag po nating pangunahan ang Diyos ng labis at nakabubulag na takot sa mga kalamidad, mga giyera o mga pangangmabang dulot ng mga sabi-sabi tungkol sa mga pangyayaring hindi kanais nais sa paligid natin at sa paligid ng bansa nating Pilipinas.

Katulad na nga po nitong isyu ngayon sa Spratly.

Kapayapaan lang po at kahinahunan ng ating mga loob at kapayapaan na rin po ng ating bansang Pilipinas at ng ating mga bansang kabalikat ang nais Niyang subukan at patatagin dito.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! May God bless and prosper all our nations.

The Peace of the Times