Sunday, June 19, 2011


PEACE be with you, Starshine -

Words are but empty vessels if they are to remain without meaning for you.

Just the same, in everything you say or do, Beloved of God, do not remain hollow - because you must practice, you must pray.

Now then, didn't you know the best prayer of all is Holy Mass?

To learn the heart of this most important of all Christian prayers ask your local parish priest for a Catechesis of the Holy Mass today - and then pray...

For prayer is an attitude of the heart present to the Presence of the LORD of all hearts - it is a sense of connectedness (unity) we must fight to always maintain in ourselves, Starshine.

In this sense, prayer is battle (2725, Catechism of the Catholic Church).

And it must naturally lead our heart of prayer toward a deepening sense of inter-connectedness (community) with each other as human beings and as citizens of all creation.

For in prayer is Peace because its results are the works of peace.

Pray, pray, pray therefore - pray for all Mankind, my most precious Starshine - pray for all our poor, broken nations, know of their needs intimately in thyself, tolerate no division, no chaos, no enmity in thy heart of hearts and let us storm the one God of all heaven and earth with our common human hopes -

Today is Holy Trinity Sunday.

On Prayer

AS A RULE, my precious Starshine,
prayer is always more
than the sum of all that we can see
with our unseeing eyes.

A soul in prayer is a heart present to its thought;
a walk across the vast, empty deserts within;
a reaching out to places beyond self;
a looking above from within.

It is silence contemplating Silence -
alone with the Alone.

It is a growing, persevering,
often times frustrating work
born of great necessity,
out of thy love of God.

Prayer is an ascent to the timeless,
anchored upon ageless truth,
of all the things we love
and of the Love that all created things hope for,
most especially by the truth of thy heart of love,
and of thy faith yearning to God in prayer.

The way to God is a crooked line,
for we are all but human.
But the way of prayer
makes this way certain.

For the soul that perseveres in prayer
shall indeed profit
from the LORD Who rewards all things,
great and small, known and known to God alone,
when done out of love and fear
of the one common Creator
of all common creation, seen and unseen.

It is not only important that we pray,
and persevere in this way, my precious friend,
in private, above all in community with each other,
it is simply necessary for human happiness
and the well-being of the still small truth that lives,
like a mustard seed,
inside of every self
for all things true and everlasting
depend on a heart of prayer.

Prayer is spiritual.

there are seasons within the soul that range
from sweet to dry or empty
but never must thy heart stay still,
you must gather when it needs gathering
and to know also when to look beyond these seasons;
you must be vigilant,
pressing on till you reach the heart of God
to lay your hopes in the LORD.

So prayer may be long
or it may be short
but it must always be timeless,
its substance is the motion
that lives like a love longing for Itself.

And when the Silence shall to your bowed heart speak,
It shall do so swift as light,
being Spoken without words
and instantly manifest to your soul as winged truth -
then you shall seek to forget all other things
but God and God alone.

And in God you shall range far,
self cognizant of self,
intimate with the Intimate,
to dwell in holy remembrance of all things.

For far may your wandering heart be
but to love and in Love
you shall forever remain
when you shall in prayer persevere.

So do so, dearest Starshine,
and say AMEN:
Know for thy own self
why the heart that believes
believes only because it prays.

(produced 20090223)

Salutation #16

(Salutation to all Christian minorities among the nations)

To all our Christian communities, Peace.

Take courage,
my beloved brothers and sisters,
peace be with you!

Let us remember each other
as we heed the call of Christ
Who upon the mount of Tabor
was Transfigured into glory
that we may see beyond time
into the timeless brilliance
of our great Home in eternity.

Let us be meek like our Savior
and seek shelter in His humility
Who upon the mount of Tabor
by our witness of a living faith
was Transfigured into glory
to unveil for us,
our Christian hope
and give courage in adversity -
"Arise, be not afraid." (Mat 17: 7)

God is our surest Refuge!

We include you in our hearts,
my beloved brothers and sisters,
our prayers constantly reach out to you
asking the LORD for His mercy
that we may always together endure
for God alone provides
and His grace alone is sufficient.

Though you may feel alone
at times, O Beloved of Christ,
surely, you must know
in your heart of hearts
our baptism is for always.

Ever in God then,
my beloved brothers and sisters,
in time and in eternity
we are but
one Communion of Saints.

Ever to God then,
my beloved brothers and sisters,
toward peace and brotherhood
and the unity of God's Perfection
where your hope becomes our hope
your virtue becomes our virtue
your sin becomes our penance
whatever helps you helps us
whatever hurts you hurts us
your gladness being our gladness
your sorrow being our sorrow
for we are but one bread,
one Love, broken for others.

Hold fast to the peace of Jesus
for His peace is our abundance
and the abundance of Christ is life
being the promise of eternal bliss
revealed in the Most Holy Trinity
as the truth of the most high God
unveiled in the Father and the Son
and in the unity of the Holy Spirit -
one God that transcends all time
one Truth that illumine all truth
one Will that fulfills all our being
one Being that sustains all of life
one Love that gathers us together
like a love ever longing for Itself:
one blessed, triune Perfection!

Alleluia, my brothers and sisters,
distance is no longer a tyranny
nor separation bear it's sting
to every Christian who trusts
in the Name of Jesus Christ
Who is Emmanuel, God with us.

Alleluia, Amen to Christ, Alleluia.

Let us pray especially for our brethren and sister Christians in the Holy Land. For the Holy Land is a special place. And the Christians in the Holy Land are a special people.

Let us therefore, extend to them willingly our hearts and hands.

Let us bear in mind and heart this day, all human minorities of whatever distinction from among all our nations, peace - mabuhay!

And also let us pray for Dondon Celestino Lanuza, an OFW on death row in KSA.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! God bless all His Christian communities.

God Encompassing God

God encompassing God,
God encompassing All in Thyself!

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -
Blessed Unity,
Holy Trinity,
Perfect Company!

there is none but Thee,
there is none like Thee!

Thou art from everlasting to everlasting -
in Thee All draw their being,
in Thee All draw their living life,
in Thee there is no shadow of turning,
in Thee there is neither darkness nor Night,
in Thee there is joy, abundance and peace,
in Thee there is only love and the Light!

Thou desire salvation for all beings
to Whom shall all needful souls turn to,
my God, but to Thee?

Thou art the one Sovereign of all nations
unto Whom shall Thy exile peoples return to,
my God, but unto Thee?

Abide in us, O LORD, be with us!
Be the God of our lives, our families,
and our national communities!

O Goal of all my goals,
I love, I trust, and I adore Thee!

Our God, O my beloved of my heart, is a God of relationships - One, Triune Perfection!