201107 Challenge #1 - Judging Others

"Never take into yourself those judgments reserved for the final Justice of God in Eternity. You are never to judge without hope - despairing of others or of self." 

For the LORD is a gracious King and desire happiness and salvation for all His beings.

- selah -

We Filipinos, as good citizens and neighbors to each other, it seems, are somewhat prone to judging others - especially ourselves.

This is good if it leads to a growth in our understanding of ourselves as a nation distinct but not apart from all our other kindred nations.

If the judgments we all tend to make are those that foster peace and further the cause of human community within the nation, then it is a laudable act of spiritual Justice.

But if all this passing of judgment is selfish and leads to more division, in and amidst ourselves, from among the three elements of our one Republic undertaking, and between our nation as a nation among nations, it is a condemnable thing indeed.

When we judge, we must see to it that it is an action based on the impersonal nature of our common reality as a national whole, or better yet - order your personal sense of discernment toward the vision of our humanity as a planetary whole.

Because if it is self-serving, it is indeed blind. Justice is blind not in the sense that she is without sight - but is no respecter of persons. 

For Justice serves truth and all truth serves the cause of Charity.

Therefore, it would be hypocritical of anybody to criticize the government who are not doing their level human best to improve their own communities within the nation.

They say the Devil is in the details - herein as well lies its undoing. Because the growth of virtue begin from the smallest of things as well.

God is also in the details. And verily, We were here first.

DAILY EXERCISE: Citizen, what kind of judgments do you tend to make?