201201 Challenge #7 - Real Poverty

To be rich, one has to become rich indeed.

In our last monthly exercise, we have considered the twin phenomenon of rabid materialism and rogue consumerism - two evils continually being consumed by each other.

This first month of the new year, we shall consider the twin graces of spiritual abundance and material happiness - two blessings that together lead out of the poverty that make all men poor and entire nations destitute.

My brothers and sisters of the Promise, to counter poverty - in our lives and in our times, we shall not speak of poverty - we shall speak of abundance.

Consider this -

Every nation unfolding - in time -
as an endeavor of Country upon our world is,
in every generation,
faced with a necessary evil sufficient for its day -
a trial particular for each Country
- at every present time -
a trial meant to temper its strengths 
for the trials which are to come.

And the higher the ascent the deeper the darkness
and the deeper the darkness the more spiritual its form.

(I have for a time now considered poverty in our Republic to be a national security issue - being as such, it has deep roots that are intertwined with the common security needs of any nation. Simply put, now more than ever, we can no longer be complacent about the suffering of the least of our compatriots.)

there is a universal law
- that states that -
abundance attracts abundance.

And this is true only because
material realities proceed from spiritual realities.

For the first form of abundance
from where all other abundances proceed - in kind -
is a state of soul.

- selah -

Truly, truly,
we have to be happy first as a people
before we become rich as a nation.

DAILY EXERCISE: Citizen, what keeps us from this happiness?

There is a generosity in giving - the kind that is thankful.
There is a generosity in receiving - the kind that is thankful.
The law of generosity is this - in all things give thanks!

For God blesses a thankful giver, 
one who is generous in all things shall be filled with mercy;
a fullness of joy that gives of itself and never runs out.

If you want other people to be happy - practice compassion.
If you want to be happy - practice compassion.
(the Dalai Lama)

But seek first the kingdom (of God) and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given you besides.
(Matthew 6:33)