Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Salutation #157


How we perceive each other
- as nations -
whether as potential adversaries
or as potential friends
constantly influence how we prepare
to encounter each other.

In a globalizing world
where we tend to encounter each other
- often and inevitably,
distinguishing between these two perceptions
is becoming increasingly important.

We must be careful not to slide back
into that old way of thinking
that inclines the mind to consider
the old mold of division as the paradigm of the new
for this will multiply our troubles considerably.

Every nation
is a potential friend - of all nations -
because every nation has more in common
with each other than we had
often thought!

our peace is allied to each other
more deeply - and - more enduringly
than we had ever considered...

Our spirits are kin!
And our destiny so interwined
that - we are as if we are being constantly led -
into an ever greater unity by our unity
and often even more so by our divisions
unto oneness with each other on earth
as it is in heaven.