Thursday, September 27, 2012

Salutation #4

Of the common human needs that make us responsible to each other as citizens, one to another, there are nine: Hunger, Thirst, Clothing, Shelter, Personal Security (i.e. Security of Person and Property), Basic (or Functional) Literacy, Just Society, Authentic Human Freedom, and Meaningful Existence.


PEACE, I salute you.

Evil which is poison, when once by mischief,
allowed entrance into that Kingdom within
becomes the malice that corrupt the purity
of the human will's intention for good -
dividing the one House of that Man within
against the Sanctuary of the LORD in the heart
making the soul vulnerable against itself
inclining fallen Man to sinful things.

For malice is the corruption that is sown
upon the ground of the human heart
to become those manifold and diverse tares
which are the vicious habits of sin
that overgrow with choking weeds
that evergreen garden of the human soul
where we take our walks with our God
in the stillness of our wakeful prayers;
that same timeless garden
that one must through God's good graces
cultivate with much virtue and light.

And sin is a lie that creeps
upon the threshold of the heart
seeking to assault and overthrow
the reign of our sovereign LORD within
that it may slowly overcome with its darkness
the golden blue of our native skies.

Now, our LORD being the one God Who is
revealed unto all of our shared humanity
in complete and utter finality
through the Sacred Humanity
of the Incarnate Word,
Who is the Second Person
of the one triune Perfection -
our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
our one Truelight, our highest Exemplar,
and First of our First Magnitudes,
is the self-same God Whose Presence is
for all creatures, seen and unseen,
that one, holy and sustaining Light,
when once in exile time completely denied
by the arrival in the soul of Man
of an absolute and irrevocable choice
to embrace and to obey the will of evil,
which is the will of sin and the ambition of war,
become in absolute reality manifest
as a smoldering and inescapable wrath
for when the Daystar Sun is completely eclipsed
by rise of Wormwood, that false star of Satan,
this darkness shall by its terrible descent,
completely consume into dust and ashes
all that remains in that Man,
both body and soul,
suffering the first death
which is permanent
as well as the second death
which is everlasting.

What motivates Man in the heart
is either one - good or evil -
and so therefore, that tree of exile
that from our faded Eden cast
the singular lineage of Man
is that self-same malice that
in the garden of our hearts with God
must first be uprooted
and its poisonous darkness
overthrown from within our souls
that evil and its corrupting lie
may from our eternal good be cut off.

This is how we shall acquire
one standard of Liberty for all.

Therefore, let us be good,
beloved friends and constant companions,
let good things motivate us,
let us be a people of the good,
let us seek to dwell on true things,
knowing by heart unto where
and from Whom all good things come,
persevering always in prayer,
both in private but above all together,
with the seen as well as the unseen,
thus, becoming intimate with the Intimate,
and seek no more to profit from evil things
nor make provision in time for evil things
in the timeless abode of our hearts
dwelling with God, alone with the Alone.

For it is human weakness that is forgivable
but malice once by the Spirit of God challenged
when yet willfully and unrelentingly embraced
become that final, festering, poisonous rot
that shall turn into ashes
the timeless life of the spirit from within
that it may forever join Satan
and all that condemn itself to the hell
that shall soon claim all evil things.

Sin that is embraced with such utter finality
is indeed, truly unforgivable
not that our LORD is not merciful,
for our God is a merciful LORD
and kind to all creatures,
large and small, seen and unseen.
It is evil that is without virtue
and once made into a god
in place of our most beneficent LORD,
shall then execute its lethal reign
upon that unhappy soul.

Verily, none of us
should like to question motives
yet when motives are questionable,
indeed, one can not help but question them.

This is a root cause of division.

And so let us ever be mindful
of that constant counsel
that any division within our one peace
is the beginning of all evil.

What we should always question,
my beloved friends and constant companions,
are our methods together,
that we may never cease from seeking
to refine the many ways in which
the abundant grace of our God
that we though unworthy of such a good
have so abundantly merited through our Lord,
Jesus Christ, the one Redeemer of Mankind,
that we by our willing hands and loving hearts,
may become increasingly useful instruments
that diffuse as light into the darkness
this unmerited grace of God
shining for all souls without distinction
that God's loving Presence in time
may be a paternal comfort and a constant help
to our suffering humanity here in our poor world
so needful of heaven's timeless embrace
that hearts may be one in God,
and peace may be all in All.

We are human beings
and therefore,
we are a becoming in time.
We share in our humanity,
a lack that can only be filled by the timeless.
A lack that is felt in our souls
as a reaching out to God
and manifest in our bodies
as common human needs.
And so, lacking, needful, bereft,
we are come to a knowledge of God
and of each other in God.

Verily, as our faith sets us apart,
our hopes join us together,
indeed, this is what makes us truly human -
our need for God and for each other -
and so in our belonging together in God
we must come together to build
through these, the generations of life,
those truly human communities
where all roads constantly lead to the dawn
towards the morning that return Mankind
to the one Love that has forever kept
all of our nations close to Its own bosom.

A society of need is a human society.
It is a society that goes hand in hand
with a government of gratitude.
Therefore, we must profess
a politics of thankfulness,
being a people of hope,
and work to enable a culture of peace
of which truth must be begun
in the darkness of exile time
by the first of the generations of life,
which is this, our generation
as well as those members of the elder generations
who are similarly called by our one LORD
and whose wise and steadfast companionship
our good God has so generously blessed us with,
ennobling us by the substance of their experiences
and the strength of their years.

War is a tension that is insufferable in this new age.
But hope is also a tension,
my beloved friends and constant companions,
and one that is more apt to liberate our nations
from the mire of poverty and despair.
It is an expression of God's own peace
which is the Peace of Jesus Christ
and an extension of the one paradigm of the peace
which contain in the one whole truth of itself
the reality of a promise of old to all our nations
made by the one God of our Father Abraham
that the numberless stars that we are each called to be,
shall bless the communities of Mankind -
when we shall in the darkness of exile time
by each of our own life's width and breadth
through our LORD's unfaltering Light be made to shine
for each other in, with, through and for God and Country -
here upon this, our poor world,
upon this inhabited earth in the grip of the midnight of war,
as a labor of hope upon this last wintering,
upon a time of falling tears.

Finally, as regards to our one peace,
we can not, as a whole, abide by lukewarm halves -
we must each enable each other through God's grace
to profess this as a one whole paradigm,
one whole truth in the universes within our souls,
one whole truth in our families,
one whole truth in our local communities,
one whole truth in our national communities,
one whole truth in our regions,
one whole truth in our continents,
and one whole truth in our one planetary whole -
in reality, wholes upon wholes aligned towards life,
built on winged truth, an ascendant motion in time,
advancing the cause of life which is lasting happiness
through civilizations that with our nameless and honest labors
rise like incense to give glory to the God of all life
as the one family of the nations of (the children of) Mankind.

If we shall give war an inch,
my beloved friends and constant companions,
if we shall willingly allow
a segment of our shared humanity
to become vulnerable to evil things,
if we freely and recklessly abandon
our Lord's poor,
in the weak, the defenseless,
the displaced, the dispossessed,
the widow, the stranger, the orphan,
we shall indeed soon find
that war and the ambition of war
has again overtaken us all
with the final defeat which is its curse.

For what war does to one, war does to all.
So let our one peace forever remain, one whole one.

(produced 20090128)