Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Afire in the Darkness

as a form of self-protestation
(particularly in the Buddhist tradition)
seemed a futile exercise to me
- until yesterday morning -
when I understood what it was saying
and what it was condemning
by the sheer power
of its sacrifice.

"I love...
yet I am part of you
no more."

that you may live!"

- selah -

When a creature of living compassion
withdraws its noble spirit from our midst
our poverty is multiplied a hundred
and even a thousand-fold!

   For every
   human promise
   (in every lifetime)
   once it is left unsung
   is left forever unspoken.

   a completeness of life
   is the strength of nations!

Life is grieved - as we must -
because we have come
to understand it.

we should shed more tears
for our not understanding
for it is this ignorance,

this reluctance to affirm,

this remaining act of denial...

which the action itself
seeks to enkindle
and burn away...

...that in the darkness,
we may - as nations

find the light.