Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget

Dawn will come, this night will wane...
and it shall be 9/12/2001 all over again.

I promised to never forget and so
as for my own remembrance of this day,
I seek to banish hatred.

May all hatred whither and die! 
May all hatred find a place in our nations no more... 

May the reason of Man find its reason, 
may the purpose of the nations of the children of Mankind find its purpose. 
May the right remembrances be everywhere sought... 

And may it be the kind of remembrance 
that recalls all human hearts unto citizenship with the all of creation; 
that makes us builders in the LORD, nations under God, 
and lovers of the work of living life!

May we all be lovers of the work of living life! 
May our Mankind be joined in Justice and in Love 
and may all the nations of the children of Mankind find Peace
with each other - and  - in each other.

May we all be a family once again.
May good will triumph over division.
May this longest night end...

May the Day Star rise again in our hearts 
and may this awakening bring our midnight world 
unto the promised Morning of the new...

May the spirit of our humanity, 
by the grace of God and the aid of heaven, 
prevail forever over the spirit of War 
and may this unity break our bondage to the earth, 
that we may soar upon wings of eagles 
unto oneness with the sky...

May the glory of God be on earth as it is in heaven.... 


When anger is allowed to fester in the heart, an inhospitable and alien darkness eclipses the soul, shrouding all things in death...

For what is hatred but an ignorance of love? An enforced absence of sunlight in the soul of Man.

Embracing the Embracing