Thursday, September 20, 2012

Salutation #159

The maturity of our peace, the strength of our nationhood, and the prosperity of our people, spiritual as well as material, determines the age of our Republic.

How we get there is a matter of the heart.

(International Day of Peace 2012)

Personal -

Peace is a quality in the spirit,
a sense of wholeness and belonging
that is independent of the brokenness and suffering
of the external world.

peace inspires in the soul
a genuine and unshakable love
of this inward sense of wholeness and belonging
as well as the total freedom to overcome
brokenness and suffering in one's self
and in others like the self.

It is that most fundamental human longing
to return to a condition of perfect safety and perfect rest;
a condition unto which we all, as human beings,
desire to ultimately return unto throughout our lives
and is at the heart of all human community.

It is neither a perfect freedom nor a perfect peace
but peace, where it is present, brings forth only peace.

National -

Can you overcome the earth by yourself?

Can we hope to subdue the darkness of the unknown earth as individuals?

Can we hope to deter the violence and the chaos that dwells within the darkness by the law of family or tribe alone? Can either family or tribe defeat the ancient curse of War without being utterly consumed by it?

Can the imperative of the LORD to tame the unknown earth be done in the spirit of division? Can the inhabited earth ever be built with War in the heart?

Can the brightness of its vision for all Mankind be achieved - here - in the visible realms of the universe, by the spirit and the labors of Man, through the grace of God and the freedom of heaven, without the necessity of the nations?

What for are we?

We have a responsibility in these present days to remember... the craft of all nations is peace!

Lest we forget. Lest we forget.

In every conflict, every nation that fights ultimately fights for every nation that fights because in the end, War is the ultimate enemy of all our nations.

Let us together reflect on this with retrospective clarity secure upon the vantage our generations now possess over the last great age of war.

The nobility of our arms determines its strength and not the other way around.

For violence hath no memory of itself because it is dead, only virtue lives and lives eternal.

Peace without arms - in an imperfect world - is improbable, without remembrance, impossible.

September 21 is the International Day of Peace.