Friday, April 20, 2012

Who Are You, Syria?

Who are you, Syria?

Why are you trying to murder your own nation?
Why do you seek the final overthrow of thy own soul?
Have thou forgotten the justice of thy own peace?

What for art thou, O Syria - who are you these days?

What are you laboring so vehemently to become, O troubled Republic?
Who for are you pledging all these pain and suffering?
What do you seek to reap for thyself in the midst of all this blood and tears?
What do you seek to gain from your undying sacrifices?

Return to a memory of thyself...

Shall you stand alone 
in the midst of all this clamor and din 
only to find for thyself 
a sword aimed at thy own heart?

Return to thyself, O Syria!

Thou art at the brink of a million-year crossroads.

Come back to thy own reason, and reclaim thy own peace...

Make the choice to be one once again -
O beloved nation, kindred to my own peace,
let not the spirit of War deceive thee in thy heart of hearts!

The void has not overcome thee yet.