Friday, April 27, 2012

Salutation #121

The Lord Christ said,

"The poor you will always have with you..." (Matthew 26: 11)

Starshine, there will always be a minority.

(The 4th Cause: The Cause of Minorities - Benignity)

BENIGNITY is the practice of goodness.

in the company 
of the great, the strong, 
and the powerful, 
is not an extraordinary virtue.

this Cause must concern itself 
with (1) the preferential treatment and care 
of minorities (i.e. the weak and the vulnerable)
and (2) the just distribution 
of the material goods of this world.

In the person of the stranger, 
the orphan, the widow, the unborn, 
the disabled, the elderly, and the poor 
whether transient, semi-permanent, or permanent, 
there shall always exist within our midst
a minority.

at one time or another 
in the lifespan of individual human beings 
as well as in the lifespan of individual human nations, 
we all become part of this minority.

Let us always bear this in mind and heart...

- selah - listen, think.

Have we forgotten our own roots, 
O numberless stars of our Father Abraham,
O ye children of the Peace, of the Light,
promised by the God of old 
to bless the national communities 
of our needful Mankind?

Were we not all 
drawn up by the LORD
from the poverty of the minority?

Were we not all 
uplifted from our lowliness
by the mercy and beneficence of God
to people the nations of the earth?

Let us always bear this 
- in mind and heart -
especially in these present times.

For this is how 
we shall fill the earth 
with living lights.

- selah -

We are by our poverty indistinguishable! 

How we shall each 
- distinguish ourselves -
in the midst of the darkness
is through virtue and the continual refinement 
of each our inherent human nobility.

This is important to remember, 
my brothers and sisters of the Promise, 
because the victimization (by the strong) 
of the marginalized (or the weak) 
will ultimately result in the implosion 
of our national communities 
and in the Last Day, 
it shall also bring about 
its final and irreversible destruction.

The marginalization 
- in any society - 
of any of one of its parts 
is always the effect of divisions 
(overt as well as covert) 
in the one heart of the people.

A social order built on disagreements 
(abiding in prejudices, misconceptions, fear and ignorance) 
is ever like a tyranny without a tyrant -
a culture of national self-destruction!

In this hostile atmosphere, 
the spirit of the nation itself
feels ever trodden underfoot 
until the burden of Justice 
becomes unbearable.

the will or the spirit of War 
always takes the easiest entrance 
into the midst of the people... 

And this it always does 
by subverting the 4th Cause.

- selah -

The one sin 
a nation can not abide by 
is the presence of War in the heart.

we all shall stand before God 
to account for our gifts of nationhood! 

So let us not forget
to ask ourselves before God in prayer - each day -
what we have done or chosen not to do
to improve the life of our communities
and prosper the native peace 
of each our undertakings of Country.

Because Peace is our only path - 
it is the only choice we can really make
both as human beings and as human nations.

- selah -

The 4th Cause explicitly espouses 
the first principle - that -
the strong exists in defense of the weak.

The entire hierarchy of the Angelic realms 
is ordered by God around this first principle.

And since our nations (as they are
are a natural extension of the unseen realms, 
we too are expected by the Providence of God 
to faithfully imitate the heavenly order 
by formally uniting ourselves as a people 
to the will and the governance of the LORD, 
our God - the one Sovereign of all nations.

What the majority does in behalf of the minority 
dictates a nation's fidelity to the 4th Cause!

Wealth generation and long-term national prosperity 
is entirely dependent on the 4th Cause!

It is from the 4th Cause that we enter 
into an understanding of the higher Causes!

The Circular Relationship of the Four Causes