Saturday, April 21, 2012

Salutation #117

A citizen is not a citizen 
- if it were not for other citizens -
not unlike him or herself.


the evils of the present time 
may be allowed by the LORD, our King, to become,
my brothers and sisters of the Promise, 
as one Filipino nation, as one Republic undertaking,
there are only two ways we can go - 

two summits we can set our hearts upon -
two lineages we can willingly follow -
two visions we can from heaven obtain -
two freedoms we can humanly share -
two clocks we can live to abide by -
two destinies we can fight and die for.

And of the two -
only one is superior to the other,
only one is faithful to our keeping,
only one is real.

Focus determines the outcome.

People are poor 
- who have accepted -
the reality of being poor.

A nation is defeated 
- who have come to accept -
its own defeat.

Truly, truly, 
no nation can so thoroughly deplete the spirit 
and exhaust the will of another nation 
as completely as it can 
its own self!

abide in thy fellowship 
as human beings and citizens to each other -
a keeper and friend:

Do not be too quick to judge,
do not expect rights you are not willing to give others,
do not rail against the humanity of others
while feigning ignorance of your own,
harbor neither hatred nor division in thy one heart of hearts,
and never ally thy own soul to the adulterous will of War
and assume evil against the nations of the children of Mankind
(for all nations, as they are purposed and made by God,
exists singularly for the LORD's own human causes
for reasons other than the triumph of evil).

Come into today!

We can not live on the past,
the past can not feed and shelter our people.

Neither can we live on our problems,
our troubles by themselves do not make us complete.

There is only the present...

And so -
IF we are complete in our remembrances
- the good in our every moment shall be complete -
and today shall be sufficient
for all our tomorrows.


Soul of Country