Saturday, November 23, 2013

JFK's Remembrance - Bequeathed!

JFK's Remembrance - Bequeathed!
Yet we remember them in their incomplete portraits.
We remember the absence. We remember the distant greatness.
We remember the abruptness of his death. And its untimely nature did accept.
We remember the missing pieces of his life and times. Yet linger on - in knowledge bereft.

JFK's Remembrance - Bequeathed! 
To the National Memory - and the heritage of Mankind -
till the end of the Age, and the last fading away upon this World,
when the Firmament beginning again - comes full circle - for All.
Yet t'is a solemn Trust seemingly
most effectively expressed - in the Nation
   (as a memory of something - of something that is repressed -
   ever like the constant haze that surrounded his term in those times,
   so full of unknowing, and fearfully ignorant about its own uncertainties 
   born of unforgotten moments - that seem to have waned - in the distance
   retreating somehow - uncomfortably so - in the distance - just outside of reach)
as - its profound and quiet absence - of things mostly now hidden yet forever bright!

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - is - 
by his own greatness in the National Remembrance 
mostly remembered by the charisma of his Presidency.

Indeed there exists in the Nation these days,
- a prevailing nostalgia about this very charisma -
acutely felt - in the absence of an engaged civic spirit -
which was the enlightened contribution of his own personage, 
and the very soul of his own devotion to the sacred trust of the Nation:
Enlightenment of the National Spirit was the Vision of his Camelot.

Yet the summits of JFK's legacy 
seem perpetually founded on tumults;
his term established in the midst of War 
seems only remembered by its passing away;
the common remembrance of JFK - seemingly -
one to be embraced like his absence, in the silence...

- selah -

The dilemma is in the waiting.
For in the waiting, we await for nothing.
For a future of completeness - we can not envision -
either by their wholes or through their complementary parts
without accepting what we may at present comprehend 
about the horizons of that one tomorrow, today.

The 35th President has bequeathed to his Nation his legacy!
And it can not be more complete to God than the sacrifice he freely gave.
For though all was not perfect - all was given perfectly - for God and Country.

So may he and his times - under this season of Sky -
be remembered in the Light of the right Remembrance
and in the Spirit of the Nation unto whom JFK and his family 
dedicated each of their life's callings to serve and to love faithfully 
be no longer in our memory bound to the dilemma - of the longing 
and of the not holding on - of the having and the not knowing it.

And so the tragedy in the life of the 35th President 
should not permeate as a taint upon his solemn memory;
the misgivings and failings that surround the murder of his person
and the years that were fallen away from the Nation by its painful loss 
can not be held to account together - as if Justice and Memory were one -
for the certainty of the vindication of Justice is a realm that is separate and distinct 
from the necessary honoring of the Remembrances that God requires of All.

None of those failings were the failings of the 35th President.
And to confuse them with each other - is a failure to render account -
of a life that was taken before its promise was fully realized in the Nation -
that all Citizens exist for each other and each other for God and for Country
and that to give to Country what Country seeks is also to give to one's self
what happiness was ever so diligently promised as this Nation's pursuit.

It was his nearness to the common people that inspired his strength.
It is a nearness that lives on - in younger hopes that inspire new strength
that within each heart - is felt in the silence - as a warmth and a glow.

Let the nostalgia fade away into a fullness of national embrace!
And let our pining for the Camelot that once seemed lost - fully become -
like a prayer for better days - shining aright again with a newness of hope!

That ever like the undying Flame that with Vigilance stands over JFK's memory,
we may recognize what was lost to our observance - all this time... as the warmth of his life;
that the pain of its own longing in the Nation's hearts may no longer consume us with trepidation 
and no longer seek in our souls to consume our spirit with many concerns - beyond its brightness -
that we may let go of the past and look again to future things, with much love - here - now, today. 

Let us begin.

I do not know who murdered JFK. What I know is that his life and legacy was cut short by its crime. And an entire Nation was upon its intricacies mislead by a false allure into a lingering grief, unable to make their peace with the Remembrance of a remarkable Presidency and far too long burdened by this debt.

Justice is not Remembrance and indeed, it must be said
- the Certainty of Justice and the Burden of Justice are two distinct principles,
the former is a Pledge undertaken by God, and the latter, a command issued by Him
for all Nations to make a living and present account of all human life - to the last hair on their heads
that we may work together to alleviate among ourselves this common Burden of Justice
by timely payments made before God and the Assembly of each and every Nation
standing before His Throne in Eternity - against this Debt of Remembrance.