Friday, September 16, 2011


Salutation #50

Who is responsible for the presence of War in the Middle East? No one.
Who is responsible for the absence of Peace in the Middle East? Everyone.

(Breaking the Siege in the Middle East)

Something looms in the distance
like a sword poised to strike;
there is a foreboding in the horizon
and if feels like a thousand nights
over the heart of our Asia -

- selah -

I cry out to God in Eternity -
to the LORD before the assembly of the nations!
Let there be peace upon our failing earth
and the glory of God restored in Jerusalem.

The two most important nations in that region
- Israel and Palestine -
must turn toward each other in peace.

For Israel is a nation; ancient and troubled.
And Palestine too; young and anxious.
Thou both are defined by thy need for justice.
Thou both are endowed with rights - as nations -
to pursue thy own course of peace and self-determination.
But not in the spirit of War and the darkness of division
shall any of thee hope to achieve this!
For no matter how bitter or painful the past
thou both have given birth to each other's present hopes.

O Israel and Palestine!
Do not rely on anything else
but the work of prospering thy present hopes
- thy common human hopes -
as nations dreaming together this time.

Not in names or affiliations made of mere words
not in empty appearances of power or wealth or titles
but in the labor set before thy heart by the LORD thy God
that He may prosper thee in each thy labors of Country
as peoples bound together in the freedom of thy gifts;
a lineage of victory before the LORD!

Each thy undertaking of Country,
may it be separate and distinct or singular and united,
is in reality joined together - so intimately -
that to distinguish between the two is difficult.

Especially Jerusalem which cannot be divided.
Yet the whole region cries out for unity!

This is the truth that they fight against;
those who speak peace but listen not to the plight of Jerusalem.
For peace is in not in their hearts.

Let the whole region speak to Mankind of unity!
Alelluia, Jerusalem is the City of the LORD's Peace.

Jerusalem is the City of the LORD's Peace.
This is the strength that they are so willing to renounce.
They whose hearts stand permanently divided
against our common humanity before God.
They who have chosen to harbor War in the heart.

For instead of rejoicing, they weep.
Instead of overcoming, they are overcome.
With bitter tears, they prepare for war,
and plunge their communities into the darkness.
The youth are brought up in division,
the men, the women,
they learn to call it by whatever name;
all are turned away from the LORD.

Yet peace reaches out to thee, O ye peoples,
for the faithfulness of the LORD is steadfast and true.
Rely on God and trust in the LORD - I bid thee -
O beloved Israel, O beloved Palestine - O ye peoples -
listen to the calling of the times!

Let the Peace of the LORD reign in Jerusalem
and let the glory of God shine forth from Jerusalem to Asia
and from Asia to the world.

- selah -

By the end of next year, 2012,
the choice for peace will no longer be a choice.
War will be let loose and the world shall descend
into another age of conflict.

What good are riches or the anger of Man
in the midst of the relentless hatred of War?

War will not distinguish between human being and human being.
For the beast of War seeks the annihilation of all.
The spirit of War will march to undo the nations - from each to each -
and seek to devour its ward to the last of its generations.

How will our times be remembered?
What will our posterity say of these present generations
who left for them a desolation?

O Israel and Palestine -
thou brothers, make peace!

Is thy long-suffering impotent?

Let it bear fruit therefore,
and let the nations follow thee
into brotherhood, into peace.

Hear me O Israel!
Hear me O Palestine!
You are loved - both of you.
Together thou art loved as twins.

May Peace prevail in our Asia
and may God bless all our nations
from Israel to the Philippines
from Siberia (Russia) to Indonesia
and from Asia to our needful world -
let this peace be for us a season
to bring rest and healing to our world
and blessings unto all Mankind.

On Jerusalem -

If any of us wants a proper place to begin building on an understanding of the spirit of the times, one must think about the plight of Jerusalem.

I have previously advanced the concept of Strategic Secondary Capitals specifically for the sake of Jerusalem. Israel wants her. Palestine wants her.

Yet none for truly peaceful reasons. For both desire Jerusalem - zealously - but to the exclusion of the other and by extension, the rest of the nations of the world.

Why should the spirit of War be allowed to dwell in the hearts of the citizens of Zion and obscure the unity that is its living light?

Accept the will of the LORD as is. Accept Jerusalem as is. Truly, God has designs of brotherhood and repentance upon His City. Let Jerusalem be the City of the LORD's Peace for all the nations!

We can no longer abide with divided hearts and hope to enter into the promise of the new age. This may only become more and more evident as we enter into this century. The Middle East peace process is a symbol of this struggle to obtain from God a new unity of spirit and heart for all Mankind.

The real test of these times is the recognition of our common humanity before the LORD and a return of our nations to their rightful tasks of building up the inhabited earth as the one covenant family of the nations of the children of Mankind.

Each of us - especially the stars of our Father Abraham - is called to break free of the gravity of the last great age of War and become for each other the hope of the last 2000 years.

Peace must be desired and desired absolutely - especially in Jerusalem.

In a divided world, we should not concern ourselves with the lives of other nations. The question is - do we live in a divided world?

"If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill. May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you, if I do not consider Jerusalem my highest joy." (Psalm 137: 5-6)

God bless Israel and God bless Palestine, mabuhay! Long may our remembrance serve thee.

Breaking the Siege

War in the Heart