Sunday, September 18, 2011

Salutation #51

Service is a calling, happiness an ambition. Of both the call of service and the ambition of happiness, it can be said, none of these may be born purely of human beginnings but are born of truths arisen and perfected from and through the great and unfathomable Mind of God.

For the service which is ours is a calling of God and not merely a human ambition. And the happiness which is also ours is a Divine ambition and not merely a human calling.

(Servant Leadership)

Take heart, O friends of the LORD!
Trust in God, all you citizen-servants of the nations!
Come alive to courage, defenders of the people!
For God does not choose anything without merit,
there is always wisdom in His choices.

Peace, I salute you!

Good human leaders know to follow,
know how to fall and follow again,
persisting in their hearts to hold on to what is dear to them,
never losing hope while giving hope to others,
never losing faith while others lose theirs,
never losing love while love seemed to have lost them,
never losing God because God never has lost them.

So for our leaders,
God intends something
but some of them follow something else,
knowing not hope, clinging to it like it were his or her own,
knowing not faith, expecting to see their own image
on the person of others,
knowing not love, expecting not the death that is to come,
knowing not God, thinking to be above men.

If we cling to Him, if we persist,
no matter the depth of the darkness,
nor the measure of our unlove,
He will bring into bloom
the full reality of our human natures
and bring our being into perfection,
- for ourselves and for others like ourselves -
here and into the next life, life and abundance.

Being chosen, one should accept and rejoice,
being accountable, one should rejoice and accept,
for in so doing the LORD holds you back from sin
and prepares your heart
to serve your fellow human beings.

- selah -

Man's life is wrought in penance and divine satisfaction,
reparation for evil and a constant pleading to God.
If we are called to serve, judge not,
but serve and serve all souls without distinction,
loving humanity in it's entirety
for love of God
and the salvation of our own souls.

Our human obligation lie not in judgment
but in reparation for evil and through reparation,
the alleviation of human suffering.

we are required to include
all of human suffering
and to discern not which one is punishment from God
and which other one is a person's own misfortune
or another one his or her sin
because none of us know what is absolute in the Truth.

This is the kind of service required of our leadership - who -
being called to serve must understand
that they are called not because they are good,
for Who alone is good but God,
they are called because they are accountable
not to themselves, for they did not choose themselves,
but to He Who by His authority wills into reality
all that He wills and sustains them,
directing them to purposes outside the scope of human thinking.

But to remain unchanged and unbowed,
with the will of war at the heart of every Country!

- selah -

War lusts after the life of all our nations.
Like a man perish from sin, so have civilizations entire
perished because sin was in the heart of Country.

To recklessly allow the vessel of Country to break
is like the murder of a woman pregnant
with a multitude of unborn lives in her bosom
- a crushing and unbearable burden
of unspent promises recorded against thee -
all of whom shall be accounted for at the Last Day,
to the very last hairs on their head.

For it is written in Scripture
and in the heart of Mankind - both -
that all of a Country's debt of Sacred Life
- across time and dimensional space -
will be accounted for by the Justice of God
before the one Creditor of All life.
For all living things have a purpose in God.
Indeed, each individual human being will be accounted for,
even down to the numbers of the hairs on their heads!

So be aware of the darkness that persists in the Night
and allow the spirit of War no foothold in thy selves -
To speak the truth and not to lie
for these are the mother tongues of heaven and hell.
To be honest, sincere, and willing to serve
with a heart of love and a will of understanding.
To love with one heart and to refer all things to God
- Who will refer them back to you -
and from you to the people and back again
as a continuous flowing in time - a mighty river -
enduring from generation after generation.

Be mindful of thy guardianship of the people.
Defend; neither falling short
nor exceeding the will of the defense.
For to fall short of the will of the defense is to find defeat.
And to exceed it is to become the enemy we claim to fight.

Ensure a just equality before the law;
that thy laws may serve the life of thy citizenry,
enlighten thy society, deter and defeat evil without harm to the good
so that every human being is given the most possible potential
out of his or her social identity
to aspire without fear
and to triumph without feeling defeated.

Lead unto unity and forget not the justice of thy peace
for where the heart that lives in the heart of thy nations
- is one and constant and alive -
where the people rejoice, all are inclined to rejoice,
where the people laugh, they laugh together,
where they play, they play together,
where they work, they work together,
where they grieve, they grieve together.

love the LORD and love the common people
serving thy undertaking of Country with one love alone.
For a heart that has many loves
each with different shades and degrees of scope and intensity
for each their different uses and objects and persons
does not know love,
and one who does not know love
has no knowledge of God nor claim to the unity of God.
For how can God abide in a heart that is unto it's own self divided;
how can the Sanctuary of the LORD abide in a sanctuary of war;
in a heart that is like a house always in danger of collapse,
wicked, adulterous, restless and never at peace?

How can the public trust be maintained
by those who picks and chooses who to love and who not to love?
How can the citizenry form a unified cohesion of hope and will of Country
around a heart that possesses none of these things?
How can the peace of any nation
respond to those whose hearts are contained by the will of war?

- selah -

the charity that must be thine by election
must burn with one love alone;
a love that obtains to God
and not a love that obtains to men -
or it is but an illusion of love.

Hence, in the end it matters not to thee - who to love -
because despite everything and in spite of thy self
- it is God and always God -
that you love no matter who you help or where you go.
For thy vision depends not on conditions external
but on things that are happening in your heart of hearts.

In this way, unity of the citizenry and social cohesion is fulfilled
at the level where true unity and cohesion is
- in the LORD and for the LORD -
at the very heart of a person
most especially thine.

For thy values are the values of peace.

Miss Universe 2011 -

"Beauty is a state. You were born in it. For you are thus, and so with all beautiful things must strive to return to our LORD with it, being as you are - in the way that you are constantly remembered by our God in eternity."

Last year, it was a tricky question. This year, it was a politically sensitive one. However, I think Shamcey's answer was brilliant, don't you?

Congratulations, Shamcey! Please continue to inspire our youth.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas ! God bless us all.

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