Thursday, September 22, 2011


Poor English

It was reported in an article today that a Senator of the Republic of the Philippines feels himself somewhat less than his peers in the Senate for admittedly having "poor English".

Do I detect an unmistakable trace of colonial mentality here? As it is my thrust in this blog to also dispel the ghosts of times past here in our New, Old Philippines, let me counter the Senator's fears as regards the above issue.

Language is no substitute for heart. If you have heart, Senator, any language will do you. All languages are equally important to the man or woman who speaks from the riches of the heart.

So speak your own truth and in Filipino, if you want to, no one should judge you for it in this great Country of Filipinos. If anyone does, he or she is the lesser person, not you.

There shall come a day when we shall as a nation benefit from the wisdom locked away in their great lineages scattered among the languages of the earth. That time will not come sooner unless we overcome what holds us back from that future today.

So God bless you for speaking the truth, sir. The end of the troubles that plague our society will not come unless we recognize in what we speak, here in a Country as blessed with diversity of tongues as our own Republic, that morning heralded by the tongue of angels.

If I were blessed by God with a language of common expression other than English, I would still use it. So must you. Speak and be heard not by how loud but by how full thy words!

Mabuhay, our noble Senators - God bless us all.

Virtue of Truthfulness