Sunday, September 11, 2011

20110911 PM

Sunday Evenings

Good evening, the Philippines - mabuhay!

I do not have much to add this evening. I am eager to go home, relax and watch the specials as regards the 10th year commemoration of 9/11.

You know, it is much easier to hate than to love. Hatred burns with almost any kind of fuel. Love, on the other hand, is often fraught with difficulties. For love burns only with love.

Where hatred is safe, love is often not safe. Love, by nature of its own truth, has to make itself vulnerable.

And you can see this interplay between love and hate in the life and times of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I trust we were all able to fulfill our Sunday obligations to God today.

You can never notice these things if you constantly renege on our Christian duty to offer worship to the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit above all, in this day of days.

If you reflect on the Gospels, persisting in prayer, especially during Holy Mass, then by a certain grace of God, you will be able to see through the words into the Word and the story shall in the eye of thy heart come to life.

This is why Holy Mass is the pivot of my week. And as far as I am able to, I seek to go to Holy Mass more than once a week. And I go to Mass not because I am holy but because I am a sinner in much need of holiness. I am a creature in desperate need of his God. I will perish if it were not for His mercy.

Now, the Gospel this week (Mt. 18: 21-35) is all about forgiveness.

Loving and forgiving go hand in glove. In the Gospel, Jesus instructed Peter about the nature of forgiveness.

Jesus said "seventy times seven" times.

This means we are expected by our Lord and Savior to be able to forgive others as well as self - always - and to do so - perfectly.

I just want to leave you with this thought before we enter into another work week.

Forgiveness breaks the cycle of hatred - in ourselves.

It frees us from the grip of our enemies not by subduing them but by breaking the power of nemesis by allowing ourselves to become their friends.

Everybody have a great working week ahead!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.