Thursday, November 7, 2013

Salutation #187

The War in heaven is in the heart.

(Maturity of Remembrance)

God seeks to be near to all His Children!

In their Exile,
He has clothed them with Justice.

through each Nation
the LORD hath - together appointed -
at the autumnal Dusk of our Faded and Fallen Eden
to shelter with Peace the remnant peoples of all Mankind,
and who at the East Gate stands faithful guard to the Memory
that the lineages of Adam and Eve may hope to prevail - in time,
according to the great and mysterious designs of His Wisdom,
over the lands of an Unknown Earth, far away from familiar Sky,
cast adrift in the unyielding Darkness, across the Veil of Exile Time. 

And in despair of death, 
offered them Love and Mercy.

in the one Redeemer
He hath appointed to save our souls,
- ever before any of our souls needed saving -
long before we were even souls - alive to the Alive -
deep in the waters of the Firmament, before the Earth.

And Mercy
through the Most Holy Incarnation
of that same timeless and ageless Redeemer,
in Our Emmanuel - Who is Jesus Christ the Lord -
Who through His Sacred Humanity, came upon our Earth
- to be with us - the God with us - in our poverty and suffering.

Who as Word of the Father spake to all hearts of - the Truth -
that God is - across all realms of Earth - and unto all Ages of time,
one and for always - for Christ did love - the each of us, in each of us
- ever in spite of our smallness and despite the greatness of our sins,
with a Love that is forever - and did reveal to our needful world
the deepest and most profound expression of this Divine Love
in the Christian Mysteries - for the Salvation of all human Nations -
so that in Spirit and Truth, the LORD is, in all living hearts - as God is -
to be sought, loved, served, understood, praised, revered, and worshiped
without division - as one ascendant motion in time - for God is Love unyielding,
and in all things professed in honor of this Blessed and Eternal Unity
He dwells forever - as Father, Son, and Spirit.

- selah -

As Father to each orphaned human heart,
and the one Sovereign of all the Nations of Mankind
God seeks us - in the Peace we profess in our human communities;
in the National Belongings that are the direct expression
of His unyielding will of Unity, of Peace over War.

As Redeemer of all Mankind,
the Son comes to us - as a Servant of our common humanity -
to share in our littleness, and to drink of our bitterness,
and to join in our common human hopes.

Jesus came to call sinners to life,
and to gather all the lost to Himself.

And lived to serve and not to be served,
in a posture of offering, and laid down His life
through an act of His own Freedom - giving all -

- that the poor and the needy 
may receive sustenance and strength,
- the stranger and the outcast
may find the good will of Godly friends,
- the orphan and the widow
may come to the solace of a faithful Nation,
- and the weak of the Unknown Earth
may discover again the preserving salt of our tears
through Him Who wept for all our weeping
upon that lonely Cross on Calvary

for the Salvation of our common Humanity 
and the Redemption of our Mankind

with tears born of human compassion 
that flowed with the Blood of His Passion
and cleansed the Darkness of our Exile 
sealing forever the one Everlasting Covenant
that consummates the Promises of the Old 
of deeds by written word spoken in Scriptures 
by Prophets and Patriarchs of those times before
Passing them Over from weakness to strength
that Scripture may be professed as Light,
through Word of the Incarnate Truth, 
made Ageless and ever New. 

For Christ is our Prince
and everlasting above everlasting,
- the Defender of our Eternal Remembrances
mighty and able to save us - through height or depth,
in good times and in evil times, through illness and in health,
from weakness into strength, from grief to joy, despair to hope
across the desolation of the human soul and the troubles of this life,
Jesus is Emmanuel - in life and in death, forever - He is God with us.

And He seeks us - in the Good Will we must profess as a love of the Peace
He has entrusted to all those whose hearts have come to know the Truth, 
that God is, the LORD - one God alone.

- selah -

Yea, in the Spirit of the Father and the Son, we are sent
to be seekers of the Peace and witnesses in the Good Will of God thereof.

For as the Father sends the Son to call the Nations to Remembrance
and even as the Son speaks to each and every Nation about the Father 
- calling all human hearts unto an everlasting witness of the Truth -
the Spirit of the Truth rejoices in - the one Truth - that God is, 
and that He is God forever!

Alleluia to God, 
O Children of Mankind, 
alleluia to God, all ye Nations!

For thou wert a people saved - before thou needed saving -
and a Nation - gathered and justified - before God and each other,
long before thou wert ever alone and in need of His constant Peace.

Alleluia to God, 
O Angels of the LORD, 
alleluia to God, all ye Heavens!

For the LORD purposed - through time and all its Ages -
to bring unto all living hearts, a new rebirth of Freedom and Truth -
that the Original Glory of the Heavens and the Earths shine again forever;
in a time made new, of worlds made whole again, lit in golden glory.

Peace is over War.

We are by each unique person 
Redeemed by our Holy Redeemer.

But the fullness of our Salvation comes 
through the strength of our common 
human communities.

In Peace we are purposed
and through it, we are obtained.

The LORD God therefore 
banished him from the garden of Eden, 
to till the ground from which he had been taken.

When He expelled the man, 
He settled him east of the garden of Eden; 
and He stationed the cherubim 
and the fiery revolving sword, 
to guard the way to the tree of life.

Genesis 3: 23-24