Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love Surprises

V - Love Surprises -

YOU ARE my waking dream,
everything that makes my everything complete.

You are my ordinary miracle,
everywhere I am, you were there, always with me.

Yet I was asleep to the wonder of you...

And then -
I wake up to the realization:
You are nothing like my illusion!

I love you for no reason.
I have loved you for a million seasons!
I love you, I just do.

- selah -

In my youth, I dreamt of you -
the shape of your face,
the look of your eyes,
the flow of your hair,
the curve of your smile,
the feel of your skin,
the fragrance of your smell,
the grace of your laughter,
the beauty of your mind,
the music of your voice,
the comfort of your warmth,
the peace of your company...


The law of the heart is this -
my darling, beloved of my heart,
when you came into my life
in God's own time, by and by...
I understood -
Love writes the rules, not I.

Love surprises,
the most beautiful of reprises!

Relationships not random but made;
moments that far into forever fade.
Such sweetness... joy and gladness!
Brightness, kindness, beauty...

(A composite of my life's experiences with the mystery of loving...)

May you always be in love.