Saturday, March 10, 2012

Salutation #108

Honest labors bless.
Dishonest labors curse.

Clean money brings happiness.
Poisoned money brings only death.

(Law and the Real Economy of Nations)

THERE IS a vastly distinct
- yet subtle -
difference between
an economy that is real
and one that is false.

- selah -

A real economy
is one founded on the labors
all nations ought to work -
the labor of common human needs!

It is the work
of building up the inhabited earth
which in turn sustains the life of the people
and bring together all our generations.

In a real economy
- virtue is currency -
and grace, free and divine,
an integral part
of the national economy.

It is always
- a labor of hope -
(and so, ascends to the LORD)
and is the soil upon which
every national vision
is planted.

From out of this soil,
every particular tree of Country,
ordained, endowed and commissioned by God,
grows and reaches out to heaven -
and destiny.

A false economy
is one that takes away
from the strength and the vitality
of the real economy
that ought to animate the spirit
of every nation's dreaming together.

It is not the opposite
of a real economy
but a false version of it
and one that may offer
the external appearance
of similar fruit.

(A real economy
that from all outward appearances
appear to be at 100%
may only be, in fact, at 40%
because of the 100% false economy
thriving within it.

It is never as clear cut as -
real economy = 40%
false economy = 60%
total economy = 100%

The discernment of the Responsible State,
the vigilance of all its concerned government institutions
underpinned by the skill and will of the citizenry
especially first responders in law enforcement
all have a necessary part to play -
for all these individual actions contribute
to the over-all workings
of a healthy national economy
- which in turn -
shelters the person
and promote the well-being
of all.)

All species of criminal activity
and all those activities (as a whole)
that exploit the hope of the people
and take undue advantage
of the common human needs
that ought to be entirely protected
- by the Sacred Trust -
of every nation
produces diverse structures of evil
(social in nature
and organized as far
as it is allowed
by it own host nation)
that, each in its own ill-turn,
feed into these false economies
that steal away (like a host of parasites)
the time, talents, and the treasures
of Country.

It is always a work
wrought in lies and false hopes.

It is always an endeavor
supported by vice and brute force.

And it ultimately leads the people
into emptiness and despair.

despite all outward appearances,
all false economies are possessed
of no vision, no promise,
and no victory.

To join with it then, is futility.

it is one of the essential functions
of Law to draw a line
- clear and straight -
between a real economy
and a false economy.

RA9160 requires that we draw that line!

RA9160 is the Anti-Money Laundering Act of the Philippines.

Common Human Needs