Friday, March 23, 2012

Salutation #111

(The concise meaning of -)

"SACRED LIFE is all of life, plant and animal, above all human life."

(The 1st Cause: The Cause of Sacred Life - God)

The Cause of Sacred Life is the Cause of God.

This is the 1st of the Four Faithful Causes;
the Cause for which all the other Causes exist:

Sacred Life is the All of life, seen and unseen,
- as well as -
all of life's distinctly individual relationships
- with and to -
the LORD, our God, the one Creator of all of life, first of all
and then to each other -
Angels first, then Man, then animals,
then trees, then plants.

It includes both being (dignity) and becoming (potential)
especially in the visible realms of Man.

To this Cause belong
the exercise of Christian charity - as a sacred duty -
which is compassion, kindness, and mercy tempering
truth, common humanity, and justice in that order.

It bids all human hearts - Love first, all else follows!

Because Our God,
O my beloved of my heart,
is a God of relationships.

The Circular Relationship of the Four Causes