Monday, March 19, 2012

Salutation #109

A scorpion can be rendered harmless BUT only without its sting.

In likewise manner, irreverent humor can be made to be funny BUT only when it is free of direful contempt.

BE MINDFUL of the comings and goings of thy heart!


NOYNOYING is nothing more
than a reflection of how harsh we can be
(meaning it is a choice made
and one which can be unmade)
toward each other.

Come alive to it and listen,
those of you with hearts to listen!

We elect a president
so that we can mock our own choice?

If the voice of the people
does not emanate from the heart of the people,
where are we?

Who is this people?

If the voice of the people
is not accepted by the same people
as an able representation
of the will of Divine Providence
in our Country - then -
Who defends our choices?

Instead of building up, we tear down.
Is this how we wish to utilize our hard-won freedoms?
Where is the spirit of our remembrance in all this?

So what if President Noy isn't doing a stellar job at the moment?
Is this entire Country run by just one man?

Does one man sow and reap, pasture and tend,
sew and rend, buy and sell, nurture and raise,
counsel and lead, labor and toil, craft and teach,
paint and color, love and serve, laugh and play -
here in this, our one Republic of the Philippines?

To each of us is entrusted the responsibility
to better govern ourselves as individuals - and -
as citizens to serve each other freely in the nation.

Are we not a nation of millions?

Are we a nation (among nations) truly fit
only for the cruel yoke of a dictatorship?

NO, my beloved people,
we should never again tempt fate!

The person of every President belongs
- to the one Office he or she represents -
do we judge the person with the Office
or do we judge without understanding?

To where or to whom
do we properly owe this irreverence?

Let us ever be aware of ourselves as ourselves!

- selah -

I think those people
who spend their time
crafting clever mischief
- like "Noynoying" -
are lot worse.

In a democracy, we all must pull together!

We must pull together
so that even the most lackadaisical soul
shall feel the fervor of our will of Country
- and feel it so strongly -
so as to be inescapably inclined
to bend to the building of the times!

And what of other nations?

In their eyes,
this "Noynoying" must appear to be
the very judgement we heap on our own selves.

And what of the eyes of heaven and God?

For the LORD requires
compassion and kindness,
and mercy tempering the truth.

Christ Himself spoke of it!

- selah -

Indeed, we have a long way to go.

(But we will get there,
my beloved brothers and sisters of the Promise,
we will reach that promised shore - together this time.)

Mabuhay, God bless the Philippines!

Laughter Does Not Defeat