Monday, March 26, 2012

Salutation #112

"If the veil of time were withdrawn
and the Kingdom of God stretched forth
- in plain view before thy sight -
if the LORD does not incline thy heart unto Him,
O Man, thou still would not be able to believe."

(The Story of Being Special)

The LORD God
created all living beings to be unique
- Angels and Men -
the LORD created them,
seen as well as unseen, We became.

And All of us are made to be special.

But the Devil and his angels, they said,
"since the LORD God willed
that all living beings are special - then -
I must be special".

And so was division in heaven sown.

For the Devil and his angels
- undid in themselves -
the life that the LORD God
- in each of us -
did bestow in abundance.

They cast themselves into the void.

But the Holy Angels of the LORD said,
"as the LORD God willed
that all living beings are special, then you,
O my beloved, must be special".

And so they were in God gathered.

For the spirit of the world is a scattering spirit.

But the Spirit of God gathers together.

- selah -

You make me special, beloved of God,
and so I am. And so you are, alleluia.