Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Salutation #191

Beloved of Country,
give thy heart ear, and listen -
let us come away from the noise of this world,
and in the calm, and in the quiet - let our thoughts be,
let it be a free flowing river, gently leading out,
to a calm, quiet sea... selah. 

(Keep ye first, Beloved)

Keep your people virtuous and good,
and thy Nation shall never be hungry.

Instill in them neighborliness,
give them order - a human accord,
allow them time - to unravel its quality,
sharing with them their own seasons,
living in the life of their community,
and remove them from uncertainty,
and your Country will never be poor.

What can be counted can be lost!

What things can be measured on earth
can all be undone...

Grow and nurture those riches
that spring from out of the love of thy people,
and with them build up wealth that will outlast the ages.

Wealth is a people satisfied.
Happiness is a Nation content.

Money and material goods are its residue:
Wealth and Posterity for thy people.

Possession of material wealth alone 
is not the fullest measure of every life's pursuit 
in Liberty.