Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Salutation #192

All human labor (and its rewards)
profitable to Man is intended by God 
as a just means to obtain our better means

This means we all work for a living, 
my brothers and sisters of the Promise. 

We all work for a living - in that - 
we all live and breathe - for the becoming. 

(The Labor of the Truth)

Happiness is the object of our work.

For happiness - in each
   shining like a precious and unique jewel 
   held so intimately and lovingly close 
   to each our heart of hearts
which is the perfection of the Beauty - in All
   glorious like the crown of the Nations
   ablaze with the gold of a million shining Suns
   reflecting the glory of God in All Creation
is the object of all human labor

- selah -

In simpler times, before the Fall of our First Parents, 
the LORD commanded that the work of perfecting the Earth 
be the common mission of the lineages of Mankind.

This building up of the Peace of the Earth - is -
still our mission these days as individual Nations,
still our commission these days as the one Family 
of the Nations of the Children of Mankind.

None has changed save each our natural vision 
of what "this human happiness" must truly consist of.

   For what is happiness?

For our hearts - after the Fall of our First Parents -
may no longer see into the Truth - to find itself -
without the assistance of God and Heaven.

   For what is Truth?

- selah -

the wages of an honest life 
shall always outlast the riches 
of a corrupt one.

Never look down
upon the laborer on the Earth, 
for we are all such as these,
under God and Heaven.

From the lowliest of human labors to the labors of the Angels,
there exists a universal kind of equal dignity - in that - 
we are All - in this Work - of building up the New
together - or not at all.

Work is for Man. Not Man for the Work.
Resist modern forms of slavery. Uphold the dignity of human work.

Let us look after one another
as fellow human workers and human citizens,
among our Nations - dreaming together this time.