Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Salutation #15

The roots of War is ancient.

War was never a choice that can be made freely
by any nation as itself.

The real choice all our nations must always make
- in every generation, and in every present time -
is peace.

So let this be our choice -
let our freedom be always guided by it.

(An exhortation to Israel and Palestine for peace)

Peace, I salute you.

Will it matter to us anymore, O Israel and Palestine,
whatever permits the Dragon entrance into our midst?

When the threshold is crossed
and War has again entered into our world
I say to you now,
War will not distinguish
between our nations what it wills to consume.

For War is a devourer of peoples.

Something terrible approaches our nations...

What matters to us today
is the strength of our collective desire for peace
and peace properly understood -
Peace as a paradigm over War.

Be single-hearted therefore,
in this quest for a durable, meaningful, sustainable peace,
O Israel and Palestine,
and cast away thy lingering and sorrowful past.

Recall to yourselves today
the hopes of thy generations, past, present and future
and establish thy feet upon the truth of thy belonging together as nations -
I exhort you to work to complete your remembrances.
Do the past justice
and relinquish from your midst
the darkness that keeps its hold on thy futures together.

O Israel,
you may seek to build for yourself today
an impregnable fortress of isolation
but it shall still be a prison for you -
do not make this a permanent reality.

O Palestine,
you may seek to strike out
with a sword meant for thy defense
but for so long as this sword of nationhood
seeks to harm other nations,
it shall always seek to strike out at you.

But both of you, O Israel and Palestine,
if you build on the right remembrances
have a great potential to prosper together
in the embrace of thy sheltering wings.

I exhort you both therefore,
to work to complete your remembrances!

Do the undying hopes of past generations justice
- and labor now -
to relinquish from your midst
the darkness that keeps its hold on thy futures together.

- selah -

O Israel and Palestine -
thou brothers, make peace!

Is thy long-suffering impotent?

Let it bear fruit therefore,
and let the nations follow thee
into brotherhood, into peace.

You are loved - both of you.

Do not look for answers beyond 2009. For it was in 2009 that this choice for peace was begun. Prior to 2009, there was no choice. After 2012, it will be no more.

Mabuhay po kayong dalawa kapatid na Israel and kapatid na Palestine! Long may our remembrance serve us. God bless us all.

War in the Heart