Friday, June 24, 2011


"THERE IS A WAY to effect change but never must it go against the will that establish for all Mankind the shape of present things, all that is present to our humanity must be all that is accepted, first and foremost, and without condition -

this is the first requirement of faith in Divine Providence."

Salutation #23

(The 2009 Minimum of the Times)

Peace, I salute you.

Accept the status quo from 2009 - surrender to it -
embracing all its opportunities, problems, as well as its advantages.
And work to improve it from within.
Look no more into the troubles of past things for answers.
Neither be inspired by the evil of things past.
Let them all fade away into the night falling away behind us.

Rebuild thy nations
who are citizens of each its undertaking of Country
and work to restore good will one with another
dreaming as nations together this time -
human nations, O human Man!

Restore the fostering strength of thy national communities.
Repel the darkness of War and deny War an entrance into this world
by rebuilding the one Peace from within
- from wholes to wholes -
from each thy selves, shining out,
even as the numberless stars in the night sky
become in thy selves all those living lights, shining out,
into thy families, thy tribes, thy communities, and thy nations;
into thy regions, and into to thy continental wholes
and when the wholes are in their order,
arrayed according to their councils,
the problems of this, our present world,
which have heretofore
remained out of thy reach
- being global in their nature and scope -
shall come into each thy own purview
and - if God is merciful to us,
no longer shall these evils confound.

Remember always from Whose Light you were all recast,
especially all of you numberless stars of our Father Abraham
- children of the Promise made by God of old -
drawn from the emptiness of the void
into the substance of thy remembrances this time -
the LORD, thy one, true and living God!

Remember also thy togetherness,
O ye nations of the children of Mankind,
and make a burden of thy history no more.

Cross the threshold into this new age
by entering into the right door
which shall not only open for you
the dawn of the promise of this new age
but shall also secure for each of thee
a blessing for thy generations
- the generations of life, they shall be called -
closing itself shut against
the lingering hold of the last great age of War.

You must do so before the close of 2012.

For if these shadows seem long and dreary,
lingering there - in front of thy sorrowful heart
turn away from the Night, Beloved of God,
and face thee again the gathering Day!

And if in the LORD, thy God,
thou has found once again Thy sheltering Light
never look back, o ye nations,
to let these shadows of times past
fade away behind us

(Refer to Daniel 12)

Our Future

The future is golden, it is the color of a smile.
You may measure it by the brightness of thy hopes.

The future is blue, built upon the strength of friendships.
You may in thy belongings succeed under the sheltering skies of its Peace.

The future is green, it is verdant with patient life.
You may stand firm upon the solidity of its commitment to Sacred Life.

The future is white, resplendent with truth and virtue.
You may seek all human happiness unhindered in the freedoms you will gain by its merits.

Let this be our future.

Arise, America

There are these many stars in the skies above my soul -

I draw from the inspiration of General George Washington, impervious to the corrupting influence of power, steadfast in adversity, gracious in victory - avarice and elitism (wrought by selfish factionalism) were no match for his discipline.

His soul lived for his Country and his heart for his of family to whom he showed an ordered love that lived in the context of his patriotism especially for his wife, Martha.

It was the obsolete practice of blood-letting that weakened George Washington and eventually took his life on his sick bed in Mount Vernon - something that I perceive is happening all over again to his beloved American Republic.

- selah -

America, you must dream again with us in this new age of Peace.

Arise, America! Complete your remembrances - our one family of nations have a constant need of your principles, ideals and strength of innovation.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat nang mga bansa! Long may our remembrance serve us. May God bless all the nations of our one family of the nations of Mankind.

An Act of Unity

Come See